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So How Awesome Were The New Overwatch Hero And LoL K/DA Music Video? | Bulletoon Weekly

So. It looks like Riley might have a new girl crush, thanks to BlizzCon 2018. Also, who else saw that awesome music video League of Legends put out for the K/DA Skins? Stay Toon’d!

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Was Disney Trying To BUY 21st Century Fox?! – Bulletoon Weekly

The DCEU’s SHAZAM! revealed a ton of casting updates! There was also BlizzCon to talk about, a major shift in the world of comics, and an anime announcement that made a looot of people happy. All that and more on this episode of Bulletoon Weekly! Stay Toon’d!

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Overwatch Updates Galore At BlizzCon 2017 – Scripted Gaming

Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!

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