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It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before Telltale Games Imploded | Bulletoon Weekly

It’s really no surprise that this happened. Telltale Games was bogged down by a TON of problems. Poor working conditions, a repetitive formula, and taking on FAR too many projects… it was bound to happen. So now the girls talk about it. Stay Toon’d!

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We Need To Talk About The Ruby Rose Batwoman Backlash | Bulletoon Weekly

So apparently this is still a thing that’s happening. The backlash at the Ruby Rose Batwoman casting has… rubbed Rila the wrong way.

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Are Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth Out of Star Trek 4? | Bulletoon Weekly

Rumors have been circling that neither Chris Pine nor Chris Hemsworth will be involved in Star Trek 4? What’s going on? Stay Toon’d!

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Apparently We’re Actually Gonna Learn How The Joker Got His Scars | Bulletoon Weekly

The Joker is one of the most mysterious characters in comics. And it looks like DC’s decided to do away with all that by telling us his origin in an upcoming standalone movie.

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The Queen of Anime Melodrama makes her Directorial Debut | Bulletoon Weekly

Riley doesn’t appear to be in the best mood. Maybe it has something to do with the new Batgirl writer? Toon In and see for yourself!

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Who’s Who In The Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Dub? (Bulletoon Weekly)

It’s the first episode of the new year! Rila and Riley talk Overwatch updates, the fruits of the #MeToo movement in Hollywood, and the dub cast of Cardcaptor Sakura! All this and more on today’s Bulletoon Weekly! Stay Toon’d!

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Is The DCEU Getting a New Dark Knight? – Galvanic Cinema

With The Batman film pretty far from release, there are whispers that speak of a new Dark Knight. Continue reading

And Catwoman’s Answer To Batman’s Proposal Is… – Bulletoon Weekly

For decades it seems the game of Cat and Bat has persisted. But after the shocking result of the Cat finally being “caught,” how does she respond?

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