Special Thanks

Hey, everyone!

Chris Voyage, here. I’ve always said that unless we’re doing prose, a writer can’t do a terrible lot on their own. Such is the case for us. Many of the series we work on wouldn’t be possible without the help of others. This page is bound to grow to astronomical lengths, but I figure it’d be nice if we’d give those people their well due credit. So without further ado, here’s our Thank You page!

Site Art
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Bulletoon Weekly/Mini/Reviews
Character Designs – sashavasileva
Character Sprites – hakei
Rila (voice) – Mocha Vampire
Riley (voice) – AxusX (also on AstroPill)
Logo – Sophia Baker (RoamingPandas)
TitleCard Portaits (Paulinaapc)

Bulletwin Tales
Artist(s) – Yuries!
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