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What’s On? – Luke Cage (Part 2)

Well. I certainly wasn’t prepared for that.

Hello, internet! Welcome to our conclusive episode… er… article? Welcome to the part two of the Luke Cage review, all right? In this segment we’re going to be tackling all the tough questions brought about by episodes 7 -13. Who portrayed the best villain for the series? Was Misty Knight right or wrong in all of this? And, most importantly, is Luke Cage On… or Off?

Be warned, here there be spoilers.

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What’s On? – Luke Cage (Part 1)

All right, I’ll start by saying one thing: This series came out at the perfect time. Historically, comics (and Marvel in particular) have always stayed relevant by reflecting goings-on in the real world at the time. With all the ever apparent racial tension going down in certain parts of the country, and the massive push for equal representation across multiple platforms, this show just picked a really good sweet spot of time to come out of the wood work. And what better property to pull from that one whose roots are in ye olde “Blacksploitation” films and media? But with that being said, how is it? Does it deliver, or is Netflix’s Luke Cage not quite as indestructible as its lead? Does it beat the message over our heads with all the force of a punch from the famed Hero for Hire? And, of course, the most important question, is Luke Cage On… or Off?

Spoiler Alert: It’s On. Okay. Now that that’s out of the way…

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