Deca-Dence & Audience Expectation | Bulletoon Extra

Audience Expectation can be quite the slippery subject. And one of the hot new anime to play with it is none other than the originals, Deca-Dence.

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Kumagawa Misogi: Perfectly Imperfect | Medaka Box

After a long time in the pipeline, the twins finally dive back into Medaka Box! And this time the spotlight is on best boi, himself, Kumagawa Misogi. Stay Toon’d!

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Kosaka Chihiro: From Background to Best Girl | The World God Only Knows

A fun harem anime can be a real treat. But a SMART harem is where it’s at. And this character comes from one of the smartest! Stay Toon’d!

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BNA (Brand New Animal) vs. Fake Allies | Bulletoon Extra

Hey! Are You! Ready To Go! ‘Cause! We Know! A Super Fun Show!

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Blood is STRANGER than Water | Kyousougiga

You think YOUR Family’s Weird? That’s cute. Try THIS ONE on for size.

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Burning Sky Prelude [Complete Directory]

With Burning Sky Prelude now complete, here’s an assembled list of every chapter!

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Burning Sky Prelude – Epilogue

And now it all comes together. What events will the events of this Prelude set in motion?

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How Does The Original Hold Up? | Horizon Zero Dawn Revisited

With Horizon Forbidden West on the way, Riley thinks it’s high time she went back to the first game to see how it holds up. Did her thoughts change at all? Stay Toon’d to find out!

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The Tragic Tale of a Stray God | Noragami

The girls already talked comedy with Kaguya-sama. Now it’s time to look at another favorite of theirs to see just what makes for good tragedy. And what better place than Noragami? Stay Toon’d!

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Burning Sky Prelude – Chapter 9

Iri makes land in unfriendly territory after making a shocking discovery out at sea. Now the question is… what’s her plan to deal with the situation?

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