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Galvanic Post – Back from the Break!

Greetings, Geeks!

We’re coming off of a week-long break, refreshed and ready to go! And the first order of business? Well, it’s been a while since we last did a site update, so Merry Christmas! Or something.

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An Electric New Year – 2018 Goals and Updates

Greetings, Geeks!

C. Voyage, here, and it’s time for another update, as well as a little something different. New Year Resolutions! Let’s knock out the update part first.

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Galvanic Post (10/2/17) – MAJOR Updates On The Way

Greetings, geeks!

Chris, here. Things around the site are about to start changing in a pretty big way. We’ve got some major changes around the corner. Some will see a more gradual implementation than others. But they’re coming together for certain.

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Galvanic Post – 5/6/17

Greetings, geeks!

So here’s a few updates for ya.

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Galvanic Post – 2/25/17

Greetings, geeks!

Chris, here! And I’ve got a few updates for ya!

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Galvanic Post – 11/12/16

Heya folks!

Chris, here. Just wanted to tell you guys about some of the cool stuff going on around here, in what I guess is the first official issue of the Galvanic Post? It’s a site news bulletin. No, not Bulletoon. Bulletin. With an ‘i’… so yeah.

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Welcome to the Alpha Opening of Galvanic Media

Galvanic Media is a collaboration group and production entity. Its founders, Chris Voyage and Evil Bob are the minds behind Bulletoon Weekly, as well as a number of more ambitious projects to come. Galvanic Media is dedicated to creating content that hopefully makes people smile and helps people connect with one another through common interests. Be it comic books, video games, anime, manga, cartoons, movies, or music, we’re all lovers of media and art. It inspires us to dream bigger. It motivates us to work harder. It excites us to talk about it with others. And we hope that that’s what our work does for our wonderful viewers. So we ask you this question.

Are YOU Amped Up?

The site should be going live, officially, in the Fall