What’s On? – Luke Cage (Part 2)

Well. I certainly wasn’t prepared for that. Hello, internet! Welcome to our conclusive episode… er… article? Welcome to the part two of the Luke Cage review, all right? In this […]

What’s On? – Luke Cage (Part 1)

All right, I’ll start by saying one thing: This series came out at the perfect time. Historically, comics (and Marvel in particular) have always stayed relevant by reflecting goings-on in […]

Bulletwin Tales #1

Rila and Riley star in their very own manga strip, chronicling their daily lives! Hope you’re ready to Toon In! These are Bulletwin Tales!

Galvanic Highlights #3 – #5

Step into the Widow’s parlor or Tracer will send you to time out, where Reinhardt means to beat some sense into ya with his hammer. It’s time for more Overwatch […]

Galvanic Cinema: Suicide Squad (Review)

The age of the antihero is among us. Suicide Squad hit theaters this weekend, and- …Oh. Lovely. It’s gonna be like this, again. I’m going to tell you right now, […]