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A smarmy otaku, webshow creator and author behind the likes of Bulletoon and Burning Sky.

DnD: Homebrew Heroes – Town Hall

Greetings! I thought I’d grace you all with a real quick update regarding that upcoming for-the-lulz DnD project we announced not too long ago, Homebrew Heroes.

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A G-Team Check-In – Rebranding And More

Yeah, yeah. We still exist. So here’s what’s up around here, lately.

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Ghost Light Exorcist – Chapter 44 | Colors of Rage (Temp)

“What, dude, again?” Yep. Dunno what to tell ya. Anyway! Yay! More Ghost Light Exorcist!

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Ghost Light Exorcist – Chapter 43 | Magical/Ghoul (Temp)

“Wait, what? Ghost Light Exorcist? Why’s this here?”

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Bulletoon’s Summer of Magic 2022 Collection

The Bulletoon girls just wrapped their focus on Magical Girls for the summer! Why not Toon In here?

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ORIGINALS | Ghost Light Vol. 2 Cover Reveal + More!

Hello All! We’ve got some big Originals announcements for you today!

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Thorns of a Blooming Love | Bloom Into You

The Bulletoon Twins offer a partial analysis of Bloom Into You – a compelling story exploring love, sexuality, and identity.


Is Bungou Stray Dogs Really a Mystery? (Spoilers: No)

Bungou Stray Dogs is a series about a superpowered detective agency… yet how much actual detective stuff is even happening?

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Burning Sky

Burning Sky – Beta Reader Initiative

With the Burning Sky Prelude finished, the time has come to move into Phase 2 – Beta Readers!

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Burning Sky

Burning Sky Prelude – Epilogue (Ike)

Burning Sky Prelude ends where it began – with Ike. But now that he’s recovered from his recent battle, his adventure can really get started.