Burning Sky: Introducing Morrigan the Dark Omen

Before the next Burning Sky cover reveal, welcome to this new thing that we’re doing!

“You know, many people in this land believe me cursed. That my mere touch can doom a great man to ruin. Shall we test that?”


Morrigan is the main character – though perhaps not exactly the protagonist – of Burning Sky DAWNBRINGER. When we were first conceptualizing her, we had a lot of different angles to pull from, which made it tricky for us to know exactly what we wanted her to look like. Out of the seven leads of each initial story, Morrigan is perhaps the most complex character. If nothing else, she definitely has more moving parts. Her motivations aren’t as straightforward as someone like Dante or Ike’s. Her backstory is pretty complex and involved. What we settled on was giving her a look more based on her regional background.

Morrigan Is Not Impressed

Burning Sky presents Morrigan Voll av Blackwinter

The northwestern continent of Jormunheim, where Morrigan lives, is essentially the Burning Sky equivalent of Scandinavia, predominantly in the south, with some Ireland and Scotland in the central region, and a tad of Siberia in the north. Factoring in Morrigan’s own central Jormunheim upbringing, we decided to spring for a look with a lot of earthy tones, mostly revolving around greens and browns. For a bit of color, and to play to her roots, we went with making her a redhead. Even the braids tie into this.

As to her overall style, that bit was tough because Morrigan is many things, some of which we’re not going to spoil here. One of the key elements of the character that we can talk about is her nature as a huntress. She’s someone who lives off the land and earns money by bringing game to nearby villages. So we leaned on that and kinda based her look around a standard DnD Ranger class. Now here we are.

We’re pretty pleased with how Morrigan turned out, and can’t wait to tell you more about her when the next Burning Sky cover reveal drops. ‘Til then, thanks for reading.

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