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Burning Sky PRESTIGE – Cover Reveal

No fluff, this time. Let’s get right into this brand new cover for the second story in the Burning Sky series, PRESTIGE.

Alain Beaumont Sips Their Tea Under A Burning Sky

Alain Beaumont is the prodigious young heir(ess?) to the Beaumont Family estate. An alluring and shrewd socialite with a keen eye for business – both legitimate and… otherwise. Of course, living in Croix, the Commercial Capital of the world, one recognizes that all things have a price. Fame especially. Being among the wealthiest families in Gaea, the Beaumonts have no shortage of rivals.

Enter: The Syndicate – an enterprising and dangerous alliance of just such rivals, based in the world’s Hub of Trade… and Capital of Crime, Nazir. When these foreign competitors abduct a group of scientists working abroad for the Beaumont Family, Alain sets out with their personal entourage to get those people back. One can hardly let such a valuable resource slip away, after all. Bear witness to the Grand Game as played by Croix’s prodigal child.

Let the negotiations begin.

Burning Sky PRESTIGE is probably the most interesting of all the stories in the mix. After what is basically your typical stock Shonen fair in Burning Sky HEROES, this one pivots in a bit of a different direction. There’s just so much in it. Corporate espionage, heist shenanigans, political intrigue, and yes… good old-fashioned violence. It’s still pretty shonen-y, but that intensity is placed elsewhere. The series is more cerebral by design, so you can expect to see scenarios where those hot-blooded battles are occurring before a single blow is ever even dealt. In some cases, there may not be any physical punches thrown at all. It’s something we’re really excited to get to show you, and EUDETENIS did an amazing job of capturing the Ever-So-Refined Alain Beaumont in their natural state: Classy.

Look forward to this story and others when the Burning Sky Project debuts, this Summer. ‘Til then, thanks for reading, as always.

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