Dungeons and Dragons | Renegade Knights – Episode 4

Lavi and Kyu’s first Dungeons and Dragons misadventure comes to a head as their only way to safety is through Warden Meredith.


The following is a for-fun project based on the events of a Dungeons and Dragons joke campaign. This is not yet edited but will be for a future collected edition. Please support the official release… wait…

Bonus Content – Checking In

Don’t forget, every new Renegade Knights episode provides a new opportunity to Check In! As you’re reading through the story, be on the lookout for moments that you think just have to be Ability Checks, Saving Throws, or whatever else, either gone horribly right or amazingly awry. Bonus points if you can identify a Nat 20 or a Nat 1! But be careful, lest you get tripped up by one of our narrative additions.

Episode 4 – Two Demons And A Devil

Freedom is just in their grasp! Lavi and Kyu make a break for it, but Warden Meredith is still very much on their tail without any intention of letting up. If they can just get past her, their adventure can start in earnest!

Bonus Content – Homebrews

See, What Had Happened Was…

So this particular Episode was a bit of a… deviation. Technically, this all took place in the actual game. However, some of the key details were rather different. The ladies did make their way out of the underground tunnels, only to wind up having to fight Meredith. The difference comes from the “how.” In the original game, the ladies had to roll for initiative and Lavi spent the majority of her turns running around, trying not to die. Kyu, on the other hand, spent all of her time trying to distract Meredith until she could come up with a plan.

In the end, Lavi was finally forced to attack Meredith with her staff. However, it didn’t break. Not as a result of anything Meredith did, anyway. Instead, Kyu forced Meredith to miss an attack, sending her over a cliff (she was fine, naturally). Then she and Lavi joined forces she shove a boulder over said cliff. Kyu actually rolled a Nat 1 on that Strength check. But by some sort of divine Dungeons and Dragons miracle, Lavi rolled a Nat 20 and shoved the boulder herself, using her staff as a wedge. THAT’S what caused the staff to break. In the end, Lavi was pretty much solely responsible for Meredith’s… “demise.”

Why did we change it here? Well… we technically didn’t. All we did was alter how it happened. Lavi indirectly caused Meredith to slam her axe into a mountain. Therefore, Meredith was technically responsible for her own downfall. Though we did add Kyu casting an illusion, primarily because we wanted to A) preserve Lavi’s innocence… for now, and B) show off Kyu’s skills a little more. Kyu is an Arcane Trickster Rogue whose entire kit is based on deception and… well… trickery. While we’ve gone out of our way to show her natural talent for charismatic misdirection, we wanted to show how it could be useful in a combat scenario.

2 thoughts on “Dungeons and Dragons | Renegade Knights – Episode 4

  1. Cherryontop

    This chapter was alright. Are all guard captains in this setting this strong or is Meredith special for some reason? I also find it hard to tell what is a characters thoughts vs narrative description/ prose.

    1. Voyager Post author

      Not a clue! She’s probably special, given some stuff that’s coming up with her later, but given that we’re just transcribing the events of a game we’re playing that’s fairly comedic and goes fast and loose with the norms, she may be a pushover compared to others. We have a basic storyline in mind and major plot beats, but pretty much everything else is improvised as we play.

      Oh? We always represent a character’s internal monologue in italics. Anything else is the narrator. The narrator has their own personality of sorts in basically everything we do that has one. They make amusing little interjections and observations of their own and such. Sometimes they’ll say things that the actual characters are probably/definitely also thinking, but then it can just be taken as emphasis. That even the narrator’s thinking it or predicted it, or whatever. Just a quirk of our style, rly.


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