Dungeons and Dragons | Renegade Knights – Episode 3

Dungeons and Dragons: Homebrew Heroes continues with the adventures of Lavi and Kyu as they race to get out of this prison and as far away from Warden Meredith as possible.


The following is a for-fun project based on the events of a Dungeons and Dragons campaign. This is not yet edited but will be for a future collected edition. Please support the official release… wait…

Bonus Content – Checking In

Don’t forget, every new Renegade Knights episode provides a new opportunity to Check In! As you’re reading through the story, be on the lookout for moments that you think just have to be Ability Checks, Saving Throws, or whatever else, either gone horribly right or amazingly awry. Bonus points if you can identify a Nat 20 or a Nat 1! But be careful, lest you get tripped up by one of our narrative additions.

Episode 3 – A Monster In The Dark

Lavi and Kyu have escaped into the dank tunnels beneath the prison, and now their adventure can begin. However, before they can really get anywhere, they first need to get away from that monstrous warden, who’s hot on their heels.

Bonus Content – Homebrews

See, What Had Happened Was…

This one is pretty significant. See, this portion of the original session was muuuch shorter. In fact, it was only maybe a minute or two. Kyu and Lavi got out of this tunnel pretty quickly as Meridith pretty much immediately caught onto them and chased them out. For the purposes of the written story, we wanted to try and expand this portion, also playing up exactly how terrifying Meredith is. To that end, we went with making the scene play out like a horror movie. Or, perhaps more accurately, that one Vader scene from Rogue One. It was fun to work on.

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