Dungeons and Dragons | Renegade Knights – Episode 2

Dungeons and Dragons: Homebrew Heroes returns with a brand new episode of Renegade Knights for you guys to (hopefully) enjoy!

Lavi has found the prisoner that her father’s sent her to collect – the mysterious Kyu. That just leaves the matter of getting her free. Not, however, before the fox hears what, exactly, is being requested of her. And she already has a sneaking suspicion it’s something she won’t like.

Bonus Content – Checking In

Don’t forget, every new Renegade Knights episode provides a new opportunity to Check In! As you’re reading through the story, be on the lookout for moments that you think just have to be Ability Checks, Saving Throws, or whatever else, either gone horribly right or amazingly awry. Bonus points if you can identify a Nat 20 or a Nat 1! But be careful, lest you get tripped up by one of our narrative additions.

Episode 2 – The Fox Who Hears A Father’s Plea

Bonus Content – Homebrews

Throughout the initial session of Renegade Knights, we actually only used two (significant) homebrews – one for each of the leading ladies. The decision to do this came down to two things. First, we wanted to start out slow and not inundate the game with too many shiny new things to keep up with in one go. We’d only add new details as we became familiar with the ones we’d already established. As a result, each of the two leads is based around one significant homebrew concoction.

Lavi – Humble Beginnings: Level 0 Characters

For the Renegade Knights’ resident noble tiefling airhead, the only option was to start the game from Level 0. Available on the Dungeon Masters Guild website, this resource allows you to create characters who are truly the scrubbiest of scrubs. Want your character to be a budding mage? May the dice be ever in your favor, because spells only work on a DC10 or higher. Also, forget about bonuses because all skills start with 0 modifiers! For the low, low price of $2 (wait, really? That’s all? Wow…), you too can experience exactly what it’s like to be a starting adventurer in a world of Dungeons and Dragons, providing you with an enriched sense of progression!

Kyu – Yo-mi Race

The idea for Kyu was always to give her a sort of mythological feel, tying into eastern traditions and Shintoism, in particular. So I dipped into my knowledge of yokai to produce a new Dungeons and Dragons race that would well represent that idea. Enter: The Yo-mi – extraplanar spiritual beast entities with a number of variations, all flavored around their yokai inspirations and built to facilitate different playstyles. Kyu’s mischievous, sly, and vain personality inspired the abilities of the fox spirit that she ultimately wound up being. The particulars of the race and all its variants aren’t openly available yet, but will be made so through our Patreon at a later time.

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