Dungeons and Dragons | Renegade Knights – Episode 1

The GeekMachine meets Dungeons & Dragons in this latest project, chronicling the adventures of how an unlikely pair become true Renegade Knights.

Lavi is a jubilant, albeit sheltered noble who wants to be a great adventurer! As fate would have it, her chance emerges shortly after she comes of age. With danger looming, her father sends her on a dire quest to find the one person who can help. However, this old contact of his isn’t in the most inviting of places…

Bonus Content – Checking In!

For this first iteration, we’ll keep things simple! Admittedly this is because we weren’t able to meet in time to coordinate the bonus material. So we’ll write up a separate post for that later. Renegade Knights is a Dungeons & Dragons story, so we’ll kick things off with the easiest of the proposed segments, Checking In.

This is a fairly simple game for anyone familiar with Dungeons & Dragons. For the sake of clarity, the Renegade Knights campaign is basically played on 5th Edition, albeit somewhat modified. The fundamental rules for rolls and whatnot are the same, however. All you have to do is read the story and pick out a moment – any moment you want. Then you just tell us if you think it was an Ability Check, Saving Throw, whatever. Guess if it was passed or failed and you win! Bonus points if you can guess it was a Nat 20 or the dreaded Nat 1.

There are quite a few sections throughout the story that we added or tweaked. So while some things may seem like obvious ones if you play a lot of Dungeons and Dragons, you might just get tripped up by something we added in after the fact. To make things fairer, we’re going to instate a new rule in future sessions. Whenever we add a significant enough piece to the story outside of the actual session, we’ll roll for it. I look forward to seeing your guesses.

Future Updates

In future posts, we’ll be adding regular sections that go over the Dungeons and Dragons homebrewed elements we work into the game. New classes, races, items, spells, abilities, all that fun stuff. Expect to see some nutty things. Plenty of it quite intentionally busted. We’ll also eventually get around to adding original artwork. That costs money, though, so don’t get too excited. Still, hope you’ll have fun with this little thing we’re doing! Thanks for reading!

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