D&D Homebrew Heroes: What Are The Renegade Knights?

Time for a bit more background on the first campaign of our Homebrew Heroes project, The Renegade Knights.

This post is going to provide a wee bit of background and information on what you can expect. The type of campaign it is, the world in which it takes place, all that stuff. Here’s everything you’ll wanna know about The Renegade Knights before it debuts in the coming days!

What Is The Story Of The Renegade Knights?

A spoiled and naive young woman needs the help of a sly fox spirit to reach sanctuary when a conspiracy of noble blood threatens to destroy her and her entire family.

That is the blurb at this time, and it’s all you’re gonna get. It’s one big escort mission. We chose this particular story archetype because of how one of the characters, in particular, was built. It gave us a solid foundation for what could and couldn’t happen, and the type of dynamic that character would need to have within a party. It also informed a great deal of where we want the story to go as we continue playing.

What TYPE Of Story Is This?

It’s an Action Comedy Adventure… for now. Look, I’m involved so don’t expect it to remain solely funny for too long. I’ve proven terrible at that. But there will be laughs, oh yes. Also a lot of really bombastic action sequences in all their anime-fied glory. Expect shenanigans that only the Dice Gods could allow.

Who Are The Renegade Knights?

Renegade Knights already has a decently large number of characters. Not that we’ve necessarily played them all yet, but we’ve planned for a bunch because of all the homebrewed concepts we wanna test. Lots of allies, lots of enemies, and lots of people in between. At present, I’ll give you a bit of light detail regarding two of them.

Lavinia “Lavi” von Straus is a wide-eyed tiefling noblewoman who dreams of going adventuring like her father, but has been so sheltered that she understands hardly anything about the world, making her exceptionally gullible. [Played by EvilBob]

Kyu is a self-absorbed and tricky fox spirit whose deceptive ways and criminal antics have earned her the title of “demon.” She’s a mysterious one who reveals little about herself or her connection to Lavi’s family. [Played by Voyager]

Mmmm… fine. One more. But even less detail.

Lastly, there’s Meredith, who you will probably come to refer to solely as “It” when you finally get to behold her. [Played by BrotherOfBob. BOB2, if you prefer]

Where Will The Renegade Knights’ Story Take Place?

So the setting of The Renegade Knights is an interesting one. You’ll have to forgive me as I’m not personally too familiar with DnD yet so I may not be able to articulate this appropriately. Per a discussion between myself and EvilBob, The Renegade Knights takes place in a custom-built setting within the greater DnD multiverse. One that EvilBob has largely designed himself. He even constructed a map of the starting continent! As for the name, we’re presently referring to the world itself as Lyrr. The starting continent is known as Zion, which is broken up into a few key countries.

It utilizes all the familiar races, so you can expect to see your usual halflings, dwarves, elves, goblins, and so on. However, you can also find yourself getting familiar with new races. Kyu, for one, is part of a custom-made race that you’ll be learning more about through the story. We’re also testing out the idea of certain traditionally unplayable races as… well… playable. More on that when it becomes relevant. We’re looking at a fairly standard fantasy setting, for the most part. Don’t expect to see any Spelljammers or anything like that here. It’s not a full-on sci-fantasy.

In Conclusion

It’s gonna be a lot of fun! Check out The Renegade Knights when it premieres later this month!

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