A G-Team Check-In – Rebranding And More

Yeah, yeah. We still exist. So here’s what’s up around here, lately.

You’re Rebranding?

Well… yes and no. We haven’t really talked about it in tremendous detail (If at all. I honestly can’t remember if we ever mentioned it or not), but we are undergoing a sort of soft reboot of our whole identity. Operative words being “sort of.” I’m not going to get into all the details here. The short version is that we’re reworking the existing G-Team “brand,” or whatever, into more of an umbrella that encompasses a few different branches, each with a different focus.

Bulletoon is getting its own branch as that’s almost entirely where our media commentary content is going to be focused, going forward. More on that, some other time. Meanwhile, we’re creating an entirely new branch exclusively for our solely original content. The particulars are still being worked on, as well as some back-end details. But basically, the plan is to finish working on that stuff and then launch this whole “rebranding” project with a fresh new look for the site. Don’t ask for a timeframe because we don’t know yet.

Where’s Bulletoon?

Speaking of Bulletoon’s new place in our net, we’re currently in the process of putting the show through a major overhaul. It isn’t going to happen all at once. It’s going to be a very gradual development. You’ll start to see incremental changes over time. Things like updated designs for the girls. New episode formats and content styles. The works. By the end, the series will still be big on the media commentary, but it’ll also hopefully allow us to do some considerably more creative things with it that will keep the show engaging and entertaining, letting us do more than simple video mini-essays allow. Also, we are going to eventually get around to properly renaming the channel Bulletoon as it’ll be the only thing on that channel. We have plans for others.

Where’s Burning Sky?

Mostly done and ready. We just don’t want to start pushing that one until this rebranding project has gone through. It’d be bad form to release that project, then all of a sudden pull this big rebranding thing and potentially confuse the audience. Rest assured, Burning Sky is our highest creative priority. When this rebrand goes through – and we’re hoping that’ll be sooner than later – we’ll start pushing Burning Sky again, and get the project ready for what we pray will be a Spring 2023 release. Lord, this has been in the works forever.

Ghost Light Exorcist & EXTRA/NORMAL

For anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, I publish two web novels, myself. Ghost Light Exorcist is a Voyce.me original that I only publish chapters to here when there’s some kind of technical issue over there. On the other hand, EXTRA/NORMAL is a deeply personal project that’s so far restricted to Honeyfeed. I haven’t written it in a while just because GLE and Burning Sky are higher priorities.

EXTRA/NORMAL is functionally my substitute for journaling. It’s the story I use to get a lot of my feelings and thoughts written down somewhere, just in a creative format. That said, I have decided that while I’ll still publish it to Honeyfeed, it’ll no longer be exclusive to that Platform and I will be posting it here. I’m aware it was a well-liked story and want to ensure that it’s as easy to access as possible. So there ya go. I expect I’ll probably get back to writing it once this current saga of Ghost Light Exorcist is complete.

NEW Projects!

We have exactly one big new thing on our docket, and it’s primarily something we’re doing to make sure we’re stretching our creative muscles while giving some of our crew a means of using one of their pastimes to actually be productive. So our group plays D&D. Mostly a bunch of homebrew misadventures. We recently had the idea that we’d create a campaign, then transcribe it as an ongoing story for the site! The working name for it, while we get everything set up, is Homebrew Heroes (an entirely ironic title, given what we’ve already worked on, I assure you). Here’s our thought process.

  • We’ll be able to produce semi-regular content this way to keep the site alive during lulls between other content.
  • We can share our wacky homebrew (mostly OP) concepts in a format that allows you to see exactly the kind of things they’re capable of. Plus we can provide you wonderful readers with access to the homebrewed content we create, in case you ever wanna use ’em.
  • We can expand our audience by introducing D&D to the site, therefore setting us up to do more D&D content in the future.
  • It’s a super fun and casual project we’re not going to take too seriously and can just goof around with, free from all (well, most) of the planning and hassle.

I see this as an absolute win. And no, we’re not planning to hold this one until we finish the rebranding project. This one we intend to get rolling pretty much as soon as we can. We’ve actually already played a session of it and taken notes so we can get to writing it and have our first episode ready to go, basically whenever. It’ll be a bit. Should be fun.

The Wrap-Up

That’s the long and short of it. There are a few other things I don’t think are appropriate to make definitive statements about yet. We might change our social media approach entirely, now that Twitter is imploding (and we never really liked it anyway). We might do some broader blogging. That kind of stuff. But that can all wait until we have some solid ground under us. ‘Til then, that’s the business. So! Thanks for reading, as always.

Keep Up The Awesome!

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