Ghost Light Exorcist – Chapter 44 | Colors of Rage (Temp)

“What, dude, again?” Yep. Dunno what to tell ya. Anyway! Yay! More Ghost Light Exorcist!

Second verse, same as the first! Sorta. New Ghost Light Exorcist chapter’s up! Took a little longer because my editor’s been busy. So the chapter might not actually been entirely finished. But I gave it a once over and it seems fair for now. I’ll be reuploading a newer version later if this edit isn’t actually complete. Still can’t get the chapters up on the actual host site the way I’d prefer, so here we are.

If you read the last chapter, then congrats! Hope you’re not too lost! At least you should have a slightly better idea with this one! As with before, you can view the full story up to this point, HERE. Also, THIS invitation is still open. Anyway, happy reading!

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