Ghost Light Exorcist – Chapter 43 | Magical/Ghoul (Temp)

“Wait, what? Ghost Light Exorcist? Why’s this here?”

This, friends of the blog-o-sphere, is a temporary upload of the latest chapter of Ghost Light Exorcist. Due to a technical problem with the site on which it’s normally hosted, I’m sneaking it up over here until the issue’s fixed.

If this is your first time reading GLE… well… buckle up. You won’t likely understand anything – 43 chapters and all. But maybe it’ll give you an idea of the story’s vibe. The style is something I’ve cultivated specifically for this story. I’ve also been using it to experiment with some light horror, because why not?

If you enjoy it, you can check out the full story HERE. As a side note, THIS invitation is also still open. Happy reading and, of course,

Keep up the Awesome!

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PS. How do you like reading in this format using the gallery on the site like this? Nice experience? We’re considering using this method for all the stories we’re going to personally host here. Let me know!

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