ORIGINALS | Ghost Light Vol. 2 Cover Reveal + More!

Hello All! We’ve got some big Originals announcements for you today!

First up, be sure to check out this latest update video for the details on these G-Team Originals!

That’s right! Both Voyager Originals, EXTRA/NORMAL and Ghost Light Exorcist are on their way back! The former will be making a swift return to Honeyfeed later in June. Meanwhile, the latter will debut with its second volume around the same time. I’ve been working hard on outlining both to get up to a comfortable point.

Catch Up On Both Stories!
Ghost Light Exorcist

EXTRA/NORMAL actually began its second volume already, but I had to put it on hiatus because I had too much other stuff going on. I’m looking forward to going back to it!

Then there’s Ghost Light Exorcist which finally concluded its first volume this Winter and will be returning towards the end of this Spring with the aforementioned Farside Festival Arc. Also, in case you missed it, Volume 2 comes with a brand new cover! Tah-dah!

G-Team Originals Ghost Light 2

As usual, the art was handled by the ever-fantastic EUDETENIS! Check them out!

I’ve already begun the process of writing new chapters while we get closer to the expected launch date of Burning Sky. Actually, there’s a lot more incredibly exciting news on Originals coming soonTM, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, do your part to help out and circulate the links! Happy reading!

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