Summer of Star Wars | The Mandalorian Chapter 16 – The Rescue

Final battle! Go!

The Mandalorian Chapter 16 The Rescue

Warning there will be fanboying.


Now that they know where Gideon is they need a means to get there. So the first thing they do is capture an empirical shuttle with a familiar doctor on board. Din and Boba then proceed to recruit the Bo-Crew with these reinforcements; this squad is looking pretty unbeatable. Of course there’s still the Dark Troopers to deal with and for that they come up with a plan.

Boba attacks the shuttle to trick Gideon into letting them board. It works sort of, While they get the ship to open it’s hanger bay they have to force themselves inside. From there they split up and Din goes after the Dark Troopers attempting to seal them up so they can’t be used against them.And he’s tasked with finding Grogu who should be just past the Dark Troopers.Cara and the B team storm through the ship slaughtering all the Storm Troppers they can on their way to the bridge to capture Gideon.

The Mandalorian Chapter 16 The Rescue

Din finds the Dark Troopers but they’ve already been activated. He manages to seal the door but one gets out. Din manages to just barely beat the Dark Trooper and he spaces the others with hopes that they won’t be coming back. He then makes his way to the holding cell well Grogu and not surprisingly Gideon waits. Gideon fights Din using the darksaber against the spear. Look, it did happen. Din beats him after a lengthy fight and drags him back to the bridge for Bo-Katan.

This presents a problem. BO-Katan wanted to defeat Gideon herself so that she could claim the darksaber for herself. It has to do with their traditions of leadership. Din is currently the holder of the darksaber which means he has the right to rule. And it must be won in combat so he can’t give it away. Before that comes to blows the Dark Troopers return from space pinning down the team on the bridge. But then one lone X-Wing shows up with a Jedi master who wipes out the Dark Troopers with ease. When the Jedi reveals himself it’s none other than Luke Skywalker. Din says goodbye to Grogu showing his face to the little guy and everything. Meanwhile, Boba and Shand take over Jabba’s palace and we get a teaser for his new show.


The Mandalorian Chapter 16 The Rescue

Not going to lie I almost cried when Luke showed up. The way he just wiped the floor with the Dark Troopers was just soo good. And this concludes The Summer of Star Wars. I won’t be doing another one of these until Burning Sky is finished so I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.
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