Summer of Star Wars | The Mandalorian Chapter 15 – The Believer

Infiltration but, nobody rolled a nat 20.

The Mandalorian Chapter 15 The Believer

You know things are about to get crazy with this team working together. Let’s see what happens.


We catch up with Mayfield in prison. He’s just going about his daily routine when he’s summoned to Cara by one of the prison droids. It doesn’t take much to get him out as he’s glad to be leaving. That is until he sees Boba. Bobba has refurbished his armor so it looks pretty new now and seeing how Mayfield has had bad experiences with mando’s he’s more than a little jumpy. It gets worse when he sees Din as well. 

They explain to him why they need his help and he reluctantly complies. He leads them to a Rhydonium refinery that’s off the Imperial security grid. The plan is to infiltrate the base and access the Imperial network to find Gideon’s whereabouts. So Din and Mayfield hijack a transport and disguise themselves as the drivers. And then Pirates attack because of course they do. Din Fights them off long enough for a Tie fighter to save them. The duo is treated to a hero’s welcome at the base so it’s easy to find the terminal they need.

The Mandalorian Chapter 15 The Believer

There is a problem though. Mayfield recognizes one of the officers in the area as his old CO. This means he can’t access the terminal because he might be recognized. Din takes it upon himself to use the terminal removing his helmet to clear a security scan. Din manages to get the info they need and is on his way out when he gets stopped by the CO who wants to chat to one of the heroes that saved the shipment. Mayfield is forced to intervene and they end up having a nice chat with the CO.

Until Mayfield has a difference of opinion and straight up murders him in front of the other officers. Note, Imperials don’t appreciate people killing their officers. With their cover blown Din and Mayfield fight their way to the outside of the facility where Shand and Cara can cover them with sniper rifles. The duo eventually make it to the ship and escape as the facility blows. Cara and Din also release Mayfield saying he was killed as a cover story. Oh and Din sends a message to Gideon, one he can’t ignore. It’s pretty much a declaration of war.


The Mandalorian Chapter 15 The Believer

Well that was an exciting chapter. Just one more left.I hope you’ve enjoyed this.Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.
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