Summer of Star Wars | The Mandalorian Chapter 14 – The Tragedy

The Beginning of The End.

The Mandalorian Chapter 14 The Tragedy

Oooh boy this is gonna be a wild ride. Strap yourselves in, boys and girls.


Din and Grogu arrive on Tython, the planet Ahsoka told them about. There they find the remains of a temple and a stone that when Grogu is placed on acts as some sort of force beacon. Grogu has to remain on the stone and concentrate to maintain it. And he can’t be moved because of a force field that has appeared around him. So Din has to body guard him while it’s happening. 

This is where we see the first sign of trouble, Slave 1 arrives… Boba  and Shand demand that Din give up Boba’s armor but he refuses and they get into a bit of a fight with them coming to a mutual understanding. Boba will get his armor in exchange he will help protect Grogu. Almost as soon as that deal is struck two Imperial transports land prompting the three bounty hunters to work together.

The Mandalorian Chapter 14 The Tragedy

The fight is Brutal. Boba shows off what he can do to Storm Troopers with just a stick. While Shand and Din take the others down with superior gun-play. Boba gets tired of the stick and gets dressed before slaughtering even more troopers. The Storm Troopers retreat to their transports but Boba destroys both of them with a rocket. Grogu finishes what he’s doing and passes out on the stone dispersing the force field as well.

Everything seems fine, then Gideon arrives on a light assault cruiser and destroys the Razor Crest. With Din’s ship gone Gideon sends in his Phase 3 Dark Troopers to capture Grogu. And they do without any trouble at all. Boba chases them back to the ship but they get away. With Grogu gone Boba and Shand tell Din they’ll help rescue Grogu, something about if he’s with Gideon then he’s not safe. Mando then heads back to Nevarro where he again recruits Cara. And he plans on recruiting Mayfield from the prison break.


The Mandalorian Chapter 14 The Tragedy

So we’re gonna have a Shock Trooper, two Mandalorians, an assassin and a sharpshooter on a single team. This is gonna be one heck of a finale. I hope you’ve enjoyed this.Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.
Evil Bob

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