Summer of Star Wars | The Mandalorian Chapter 13 – The Jedi

A wild Jedi appears…

The Mandalorian Chapter 13 The Jedi

Warning, I may geek out a little during this one. With that in mind, let’s get to it.


The episode starts with a horror scene as regular guys are being taken out by a lone Jedi. Ahsoka hasn’t lost any of her skills. She’s tearing through these guys like they’re nothing and it’s entertaining to watch. The white lightsabers look amazing in live action. Ahsoka is here fighting the towns’ Magistrate, Morgan Elsbeth. Morgan seems to have a connection with the Night Sisters but there’s not a lot of evidence to support that. Ahsoka wants to find Morgan’s master and gives her one day to surrender.

As if on cue our main bounty hunter arrives on the planet before the deadline is up. So, naturally Morgan hires him to kill Ahsoka. She offers him a Spear made out of beskar too. Gee, it’s like they are gonna have Din fight someone wielding a lightsaber soon. Din accepts the job only to find Ahsoka of course he has no plans on killing her. So he sets off into the woods to find her and boy does he. She ambushes him and nearly ends him before he can calm her down. I guess surviving the Empire has that effect.

The Mandalorian Chapter 13 The Jedi

One they start to chat, Ahsoka reveals the child’s actual name, Grogu. He was apparently in the temple when order 66 was issued but was saved by someone and has been suppressing his powers ever since to survive. Din asks if she can train him but Grogu has grown far too attached to Din and he carries with him fear and anger two things Ahsoka knows all too well can ruin a Jedi. Din offers a deal, he’ll help take Morgan down if Ahsoka trains Grogu. Ahsoka never actually agrees but the two of them do team up.

Okay, remember that warning from before? Welp, here comes my geeking. Ahsoka and Din systematically take down Morgan’s men. It’s not even funny how easy this attack looks, it’s a freakin slaughter fest leading up to two final duels. Din vs Morgan’s Lieutenant and Ahsoka vs Morgan. Ahsoka toys with Morgan, not even using her true fighting style until the last few minutes of the fight. DIn on the other hand has a quickdraw match and wins. At the end Ahsoka tells Din she won’t train Grogu. This upsets Din but he does still get the spear. And Ahsoka tells him of a place that could attract another Jedi willing to train Grogu.


The Mandalorian Chapter 13 The Jedi

Only three chapters left. I smell a three part finale coming on. There’s no way Gideon is gonna let them find another Jedi without making a move. I hope you’ve enjoyed this.Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.
Evil Bob

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