Summer of Star Wars | The Mandalorian Chapter 12 – The Siege

The Hunt for Ahsoka Begins… right after a pit stop.

The Mandalorian Chapter 12 The Siege

Let’s see what new adventures Din and the child get into next.


The repairs to The Razor Crest aren’t up to snuff. So Din decides to return to Nevarro to have the guild fix it up. He gets a shock as Karga is now the town’s magistrate and Cara is the Marshall now. And they have his first bounty from season one as a secretary. Karga agrees to have the Razor Crest fixed but in exchange he wants Din’s help dealing with a hidden Imperial base. 

The base is supposedly operating with a skeleton crew and is mostly abandoned since Gideons supposed death. So it should be a blue milk run… Of course it’s not. Upon arriving at the base they quickly find out that it was used to infuse the child’s dna with willing subjects. It seems like they’re trying to make force sensitives or this is preparation for Plapatine’s plans in the sequel trilogy. We don’t really get anything solid from it. Aside from possible cloning but that’s supposedly all on Exegol.

The Mandalorian Chapter 12 The Siege

Upon the discovery in the lab they also find a full battalion of storm troopers prompting them to flee as fast as possible. The group deactivates the cooling system causing the lava to self destruct the base. This adds a significant ticking clock to the escape as the troopers and the group make a break for the exit. The group manages to steal a transport with relative ease but the troopers follow with speeder bikes.

They deal with the bikes but a Tie fighter takes up the chase as the base explodes from the lava. Din saves the day with the newly rebuilt Razo Crest ending the imperial threat on Nevarro, for now. Din and the child leave to keep searching for Ahsoka while The New Republic has a few words with Karga and Cara.


The Mandalorian Chapter 12 The Siege

Another side track but at least this time it did move the plot a little. I liked the little reveal of a secret base in a place we’ve already been. It made it seem new. I hope you’ve enjoyed this.Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.
Evil Bob

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