Summer of Star Wars | The Mandalorian Chapter 11 – The Heiress

Goodbye Frog Lady.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 The Heiress

Din’s Taxi Service finally comes to an end but, will he find what he’s looking for? Let’s find out.


The Razor Crest just barely makes it to the destination before crashing into the ocean. Luckily it gets fished out but boy does it need repairs. Din has no choice but to leave the repairs to the workers at the docks while he goes to get the frog lady to her husband. It doesn’t take long to find him and once they do he gives Din information about a local Inn where three Mando’s have been spotted. 

Din asks around the Inn and ends up meeting a Quarren captain who offers to take him to the other Mandos. Somewhere along the line the captain thinks it’s a good idea to kill Din and the child all so he can grab the armor. Are Star Wars criminals just stupid or is it just a theme of this show? Din is trapped in water along with the child but the three Mandos he’s been looking for come from the sky and save him and the child.

The Mandalorian Chapter 11 The Heiress

Turns out we know the leader of this group, Bo-Katan from The Clone Wars & Rebels series. She and her crew remove their helmets which pisses Din off. He claims they’re not true Mandos to which Bo-Katan explains her heritage along with revealing that Din is part of the Children of the Watch. A group that strictly follows the oldest ways of The Mandalore. She even offers to help him but he’s heard enough of her blasphemy and leaves.

Later Din gets attacked by the captain’s brother and is once again saved by the Bo-Crew. This time she explains her plan to retake their homeworld and promises to give him information on a Jedi if he helps her. Din of course goes along with this and helps the Bo-Crew take down an imperial transport. Bo-Katan gives Din the location of Ahsoka Tano fulfilling her part of the bargain.


The Mandalorian Chapter 11 The Heiress

Lots of The Clone Wars hype this episode. Bo-Katan with a mention of Ahsoka, this is gonna be crazy. I hope you’ve enjoyed this.Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.
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