Summer of Star Wars | The Mandalorian Chapter 9 – The Marshal

The search begins.

The Mandalorian Chapter 9 The Marshal

Din and the child are back and this time they’re looking for Jedi. So let’s see how this new adventure unfolds.


Din has decided it would be best to find other Mando’s to help him find the Jedi so the first place he looks is at a seedy fight ring run by gangsters. Din might not have a bounty on his head anymore but his armour is still worth a fortune. That’s something the head gangster makes painfully clear as he tries to kill Din. That doesn’t work out for him. Din ends up interrogating the guy and he finds out there’s been another Mando sighted on Tattoone, in the town of Mos Pelgo. 

With this new information Din leaves the thug to die and heads out with the child to Tattoone. Here we are greeted by a familiar face of the mechanic lady from before. While conversing about his current objective she tells him that she thought Mos Pelgo was destroyed awhile back but she points him in the right direction regardless. Din finds Mos Pelgo without much trouble and meets up with Marshall Cobb Vanth who dawns Boba’s old armor. Din wants to return the armor to its rightful owners and Cobb agrees to give it up… If Din can help him kill a Greater Krayt Dragon.

The Mandalorian Chapter 9 The Marshal

Din is smart; he knows all too well that two people can’t kill that thing, So he enlists the help of some Tusken Raiders. That move does spark a bit of heat from the townsfolk but they end up having to help too. In exchange the Tuskens will leave their town alone. Din and the Tuskens come up with the grand scheme to kill the creature at its own nest and they set out to do just that. Everything seems to be going good until the dragon basically sets a trap of its own.

The Dragon launches its own offensive, melting a lot of Tuskens in the process. We’re talking about a mass murdering beam of acid. With the plan shot, Din and Cobb improvise and eventually manage to take the creature down. The Tuskens salvage a pearl from the corpse and Cobb hands the armour over to Din, everyone is happy. That is except for the bald guy with scars he doesn’t look too happy.


The Mandalorian Chapter 9 The Marshal

Well, that was an exciting chapter. I love seeing a Krayt Dragon in the cinematic universe, I doubt I’m the only one that noticed this one was different from what we’ve seen before. This one is the biggest of the dragons, the others are basically just babies. Anyway, I hope you’ve enjoyed this. Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.
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