Summer of Star Wars | The Mandalorian Chapter 3 The Sin

The Mandalorian Chapter 3 The Sin

This is The Way!

Third times the charm right? Let’s see how that holds up.


Mando and the child are on their way back to the guild when the child messes with the ship’s controls trying to get a ball off of one of the many levers attached to the dash. Mando isn’t too happy about it so he scolds the child but that’s where it stops. Once they touch down Mando delivers the child to his client and gets paid episode over right?

Nope. Mando takes his payment and gets new armour that’s much more fitting for him. With his new shiny can he heads back to the guild to see Greef Karga the guild leader to get another job. Oh, yeah before I forget Mando’s making money for his clan, a bunch of Mandalorians living underneath the city, trust me that’s important later. So Karga gives Mando a new mission and  

Is preparing to take off when he notices that the ball from the lever is still missing. Mando hesitates before shutting his ship down and heading back out.

The Mandalorian Chapter 3 The Sin

Mando marches back up to where he delivered the child only to find the child’s clothing and floating chair. It’s here I think something snaps because he launches a one man assault on the place. He distracts the guards by destroying the droid at the door and then blows a whole through a wall. From there it practically becomes a horror movie for the poor Storm Troopers inside. Mando slaughters all of them, with his new gear it’s not even a challenge.

It doesn’t end with the Storm Troopers, After the child is rescued all the bounty hunters in the guild get the tracking signal from the child at the same time. This leads Karga to stage an ambush for Mando. Mando seems to be doing fine at first but against a good number of professional bounty hunters he is out flanked, until the cavalry arrives. Remember his clan? Well all of them decide to show up to provide fire support and they all have jet packs. With the tables turned in his favor, Mando makes a break for his ship and Karga again ambushes him and gets seemingly killed in the process. After Mando leaves Karga is revealed to still be alive.


The Mandalorian Chapter 3 The Sin

I think it’s safe to say that the main plot just kicked into full gear. With Mando now being hunted there’s a number of ways this could pan out. But who is the client? And Why do they want this child? Only time can tell. Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this, Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.
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