Summer of Star Wars | The Mandalorian Chapter 2 The Child

The Mandalorian Chapter 2 The Child

I have Spoken…

Welcome back everyone. We’re on to the second chapter of The Mandalorian and boy is this one a fun episode. Let’s just get right into it.


Having obtained the child, Mando is on his way back to his ship. He’s walking back to his ship when he’s attacked by Trandoshan bounty hunters trying to take the child and likely end Mando’s promising career. Mando is having none of that and promptly mops the floor with them. Later the child shows some concern for Mando as he did receive some injuries from the other hunters but Mando just brushes the little dude off.

Everything is looking good until Mando arrives to find his ship being scrapped by Jawas. Like any angry owner of a scrapped vehicle he does the only logical thing. He starts to blast the little guys to oblivion. This prompts them to flee which is probably the best move they could’ve made when there’s an angry Mandalorian chasing them down. Mando actually loses to them and yes it’s actually hilarious.

The Mandalorian Chapter 2 The Child

Defeated and with no one else to turn to, Mando goes back to see Kuiil who gets Mando to sit down and discuss terms with the Jawas. It goes about as well as you might expect; neither side really wants to hear the other one out. Kuiil on the other hand manages to get the Jawas to agree to giving the parts back but only if Mando can retrieve an egg. What they don’t tell Mando is it’s the egg of a Mud Horn, think a rhino on steroids. Mando gets his can kicked until the child uses the force to save him. Mando’s armour suffers a lot of damage from the battle but he does get the egg and manages to stumble back to the Jawas.

With the parts in toe Mando returns to his ship where Kuiil helps to rebuild the whole thing. Okay, I’m gonna stop right here. Kuiil is my favorite character in this show. His race never shows this kind of intelligence of speech capabilities yet here he is practically a scholar and with a no nonsense attitude at that. He practically helps Mando both times for free and he’s just fun to have around. Anyway, Mando hops in his ship and heads out.


The Mandalorian Chapter 2 The Child

Another strong episode start to finish. I think the revelation of the child’s force abilities was perfect. The way Mando was stunned to see just shows how much The Empire did away with as far as the Jedi. It’s actually sad when you think about it. Make sure to check out the previous article and thanks for letting me waste your time. Keep it Classy.
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