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The Mandalorian Chapter 1

Bounty Hunting is a complicated profession…

So I’m back for another round of The Summer of Star Wars! And this time I’m covering The Mandalorian, all of it so far. So sit back and get ready for The Mandalorian chapter one.


I’m not gonna lie after whatever those last three movies were I went into The Mandalorian with very little expectations of it actually being good. But the opening bar scene hooked me right from the start. Here we have a random no named Mandalorian (who I’ll call Mando) enters and gets into a brief fight. And by brief I mean of course he murders two guys very quickly. The door kill was an especially brutal touch. Back to the Mando, those guys weren’t even the reason he’s there, he was just there to pick up a bounty and they got in the way. 

Speaking of the Mando we know next to nothing about him from the start. We can’t see his face because of his helmet and we never hear his name. (Until much later.) He’s just a hired gun in this first episode and it works really well with the space western thing they’ve got going on. The only thing we do know is that he’s a professional bounty hunter. It’s only after he delivers this bounty that we learn he’s one of the best in the guild.

The Mandalorian Chapter 1

After completing that first bounty he gets another job. And this is where the fun really begins. Mando ends up working for an imperial to find a 50 year old target. Mando finds the planet pretty quickly, likely because of the whole chain code thing created by the Empire when it was just getting started. But he ends up needing the help of an Ugnaught named Kuiil to obtain sufficient ground transport to reach his destination.

Once at the place Mando’s all set to plan his attack when a bounty droid, IG-11, ruins his plans by straight up attacking the place head on. Mando is forced to rush into the fray and make a deal with his mechanical guildmate. Note, Mando hates droids because his home was destroyed by the Sepratist Army during the Clone Wars, so the relationship is already off to a shaky start. By teaming up they’re able to wipe out every last enemy guarding their target with relative ease. Mando uses IG-11 as a distraction since IG units are pretty durable. Unless you shoot them in the head which Mando does to protect his target. A little green Yodaish child. And that is where episode 1 ends.


The Mandalorian Chapter 1

I’m not gonna lie, I loved this first episode. Seeing a post Empire galaxy only 5 years after its fall is pretty cool. I’m looking forward to seeing what else we might get from this series. If you want more I’ll be covering both seasons in preparation for the third one. Oh and make sure to check out the last Summer of Star Wars. That one was the Clone Wars. Thanks for letting me waste your time and Keep It Classy.
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