6 Badass Character Themes

Who’s ready for a special MUSICAL Bullet List?! We are!

You know what we haven’t talked about in a while? Music!

Oh! We should do another music post!

Better than gambling with the YouTube gods and doing a video about it, no?

Ooh. Too soon?

Dammit, we worked hard on those videos…

We were so proud of those…

There, there.

Anyway, let’s just forget about our mental scarring and talk music! How ’bout character themes?

I can go for that!


Alright! In that case, we’ll each pick two songs. You guys ready? Here come 6 Badass Character Themes!


Rila’s Pick: Ichaival, the Magic Bow (Yukine – Senki Zesshou Symphogear)

Having recently begun our dive into the realm of Symphogear, I can happily report that within the first two seasons, I know who contributes my favorite music!

Hell, Yukine contributes my favorite music. I haven’t looked into the actual lyrics, but I’m preeetty sure her song in the second season literally has the lyrics “go to hell” for the hook, and that’s just fun.

Ahaha. So that’s your favorite. How unsurprising~

Oi. You wanna fight?

My favorite, so far, is the first one! I just love the sound of it! It has a lot of the same attitude, but the song just sounds a lot bigger and feels more like an all-out assault in the chorus. Appropriate since she’s their ballistic fighter and fights by just barraging things with artillery. The string section adds a lot of weight and energy to the song on top of all the more artificial noises used for the beat.

Also sounds like she’s saying “Muda Muda Muda” in the lyrics at one point.

Okay, seriously?

Giiirls, play niiice~

Riley’s Pick: Stardust Crusaders (Jotaro – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders)

Badass character, badass theme. What more need be said? JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is known for a lot of things. Music being one of ’em. And this series probably should have awesome music, considering how many music references are crammed into it.

Veeery true. But why pick this over any of the other JoJo themes? Giorno’s theme is incredible!

It is. Giorno’s theme – il vento d’oro – is a fantastic piece of music. Probably the best of the most recent three generations of JoJo… well… technically two of ’em would probably be from the same generation. Or close, anyway. But whatever. Point is, Josuke and Giorno’s themes are both bangers. But I chose this one because… well… Jotaro is just…

A thug like her~

Right! Waitaminute. Dammit, witch, nobody asked you!

Eep! Riri, lil Ry’s gonna hurt meee!

I’m not a thug, you harpy. Whatever. It’s not… incorrect. Jotaro is basically a thug. An atypical one, but still. I chose this one because the title of the post if badass themes. And while the other two are great, Jotaro’s theme – Stardust Crusaders – really does just have that thug energy about it. It’s a lot deeper than the other two. It has a messier, less contained and clean sound to it. And those damn guitar riffs! God, dude!

Rori’s Pick: Rhapsody Rage (Kurumi – Date A Live)

My turn! I’m picking Kurumi!

That figures…

It does seem pretty unsurprising…

Ara? I’m becoming predictable? I must be losing my touch. Either way, how could I not choose my favorite Date A Live girl? The music fits her perfectly too! It’s energetic and dangerous. Everything a fight with Kurumi should be. There’s this sense of menace to it, and it feels like the kind of music the plays to the ticking down of a clock.

I get it completely! It also does have this sort of classy and sophisticated air to it, in a way. Which fits since the way she behaves when she’s in her student persona gives off some serious “ojou-sama” vibes.

But in the latter half of the track the piano adds this sort of unpredictability, which adds to that sense of danger. And the way the track ends. That’s just too fitting.

The best music for the best girl~

Rila’s Pick: Team Rocket’s Motto (Team Rocket – Pok√©mon)



Don’t give me that look. You know this is belongs here!

But… it’s Team Rocket.

Well, you didn’t say the characters had to fit the theme. Just the music!

That… is true, but…

I think it’s a perfectly sound pick~

You would. Whatever, it’s in here now so let’s go with it. In all honesty, it is a pretty great piece of music for a villain theme. It almost sounds like it’s ripped straight outta Star Wars. It sounds right at home with the Imperial March, and other tracks you generally associate with the Sith and the Empire.

Uh… riiight. The horns do give off that vibe. The introduction also makes it sound kind of like the introduction of a villain from, I dunno, a classic opera or something. It’s a short piece, but the whole thing is just so dramatic and sounds so menacing. If you paired with an actual competent villain, you’d definitely be set to cower!

Riley’s Pick: Kiryuu G@ KiLL (Satsuki – Kill la Kill)

No way I can do this list without a little representation from my favorite anime, right? And I’ll tell ya why. Whenever I think of a character theme, one of the first things I think of is always Kill la Kill. The music in that series is just fantastic across the board. Hiroyuki Sawano might not always land a slam dunk, but when he does, it is glorious. Case in point, the theme for Kiryuin Satsuki. She comes to mind immediately as soon as I think about the music in this series because she has easily the most appropriate theme in the whole damn series. It tells you everything you need to know about the character with music, alone. No lyrics, just pure instrumentation. A theme that just oozes with authoritarian and militaristic overtones that suit Satsuki to a T. And after all that build-up, the payoff. Man, talk about the badass. This, right here, is the sound of power. All too appropriate for ol’ eyebrows.

It does seem extremely appropriate for a characters whose introduction literally has her looking down on her obedient masses from on high.

Ask not the sparrow how the eagle soars!

Hot damn that line is amazing! Satsuki is amazing! The whole damn anime is AMAZING!

Ara ara. Someone’s excited~

Rori’s Pick: One-Winged Angel (Sephiroth – Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children)

Okay, this is just a given. Like… it’s almost unfair.

It really is.

So I did good, then?

I mean… I guess, yeah. Nice job picking the Advent Children version. Weak movie, badass track.

Even the original version from the game is pretty fantastic with its classic videogame sound.

I love Final Fantasy VII. The music is a huge reason why. And Sephiroth’s theme is just so good! And Nobuo Uematsu actually managed to upgrade it, adding so much more menace and threat to it with the intense instrumentation. It gives Sephiroth the BIG sound that he really deserves while leaving the arrangement basically untouched!

Whatever I think of FFVII, when you have a song where the lyrics basically just recite your life story in latin, then chant your name, you’re probably one hell of a character.

Sephiroth deeefinitely fits that description.

And there you have it, guys! Our list of BADASS character themes. We’ll totally do one other these again, sometime, right?

Yeah, it was fun!

Perhaps we can expand the criteria next time, no?

Fine, fine. But still. Totally awesome trying to think up all these great themes. What about you guys? If you have any themes you’d like to share with us, feel free to let us know!

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