My Original Web Novels – An Open Invitation

Time to get the community involved!

Hello there,

Let’s talk about my original projects, hm? With Ghost Light Exorcist concluding its introductory arc today (HERE) and EXTRA/NORMAL recently beginning its re-edit after wrapping up the third and final arc of its introductory volume (HERE), I figure now’s a good time to start gauging things a bit. Getting some audience input, for one, and also using the opportunity to do some marketing. So here’s the dish. Ordinarily what I’d do is make the rounds to ask specific bloggers who do this kind of thing if they’d be interested in doing a blog post on whatever I’m working on. Be it a review, an editorial piece of some sort, whatever. Gives them some content, puts some eyes on my work, gives us both a bit of audience crossover. Boom.

This time, though, I’m doing things differently… well… sort of. A little while back I extended an offer in a public forum of bloggers on discord, essentially making it more of an open invite than a closed one. And I figured it’d be a good idea to actually make a blog post to issue that invitation even more broadly. Just wanted to wait until the latest chapter of Ghost Light Exorcist was actually out and I’d gotten the introductory arc of EXTRA/NORMAL all re-edited and ready to go. Both of those objectives have been met, so here we are!

The offer is basically what I’ve already stated. If you’re interested in either Ghost Light Exorcist or EXTRA/NORMAL at all, I welcome you to make a blog post about both or either. Whatever kind ya like. Doesn’t have to be about a specific thing, either. You can do something on the introductory arc of GLE, a specific scene in EXN, it’s aaall up to you.

Note: You’re not at all obligated to be positive. If you’re not feeling it, by all means, say so. As long as you’re not being actively mean-spirited, I don’t mind at all.

I’m still going to make the rounds and ask some bloggers specifically, but I figured this would be a nice way to get anyone involved who might already have been a little interested. I know, in the past, people have asked me if it was okay to reference something I’ve made for videos or whatever, so I just wanted to make sure folks knew it was okay in this case and, in fact, I invite you to.

As a bonus, if you want to create a blog post or whatever, I can also provide a few visual components such as things to use as banners/featured images, so long as you tell me the dimensions you need. Won’t be any trouble at all, really.

Now. Before I sign off, let’s give you guys a refresher of what each story is essentially about.

Beacon. A pillar of light. A shining example, illuminating the way for the rest of the world. In this state-of-the-art metropolis, education is paramount. Everything is designed to cultivate the next generation of innovators in science and the arts. A true city of savants. And then… there’s Morioka Mio – a remarkably average First-Year girl who nobody knows exists. In a brutal competition where everyone is extranormal, how can anyone survive who’s just extra… normal?


The rest of the unedited story is available on Honeyfeed, if you want to check it out to see where things will generally be headed.

Kamimura Kitsu is a girl of unremarkable origin. And she’s perfectly happy with that. Just an ordinary – if a bit unfortunate – First Year High School student. One whose life takes a turn for the extraordinary when a dangerous encounter with her mysterious senpai pulls her into a world of spirits and exorcists.

Ghost Light Exorcist

I hope you guys will enjoy both series and maybe contribute to a bit of commentary for them. I not only want share them with as many people as possible, but I also just wanna hear what you guys have to say! Happy reading!

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Awesome!

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