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Hiii~ Rori, here! I figured now would be a pretty good time to make sure everyone knows what to expect for the first few months of our little project.

Oh. Do you like the cute new name for the update posts? I came up with it~

Season 5 Conclusion

The finale episode of Season 5 should debut in the next two weeks. The boss and my girls are working suuuper hard on it and trying to make sure it’s ready ASAP.

Season 6 + March of the Magical Girls

I’m sure you want to know what’s happening with this year’s March of the Magical Girls, hm? Well, they aren’t going to be able to do four full episodes, this March, unfortunately. Far as I know, the boss won’t have the time to do all that editing. But there should still be two episodes like usual. To make up for the absence of four full episodes of the show, though, the girls are gonna do something a little different, this time. And I get to help! So instead of just not having any March of the Magical Girls content for two weeks out of next month, we’re going to fill the gap with written posts! The four episodes went surprisingly well, last year, for it being the first time. And as much as my lil Riri wants to talk about Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru again (especially with another series on the way) – and I’m sure Riley-chan wants to talk more about Kill la Kill, this month’s all about one series. It’s four straight weeks of Senki Zesshou Symphogear! Stay Toon’d~

Our Content Plan

Next let’s talk about what things are probably going to be like when we get this project in full swing. I know we said that you could basically expect two posts a week. But that pro’lly won’t happen, right away. Even if he’s more in the background for now, boss is still our editor. And he’s reeeeally busy. Super busy, even. So here’s the plan. There’ll be one post every weekend – be it Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. That’ll mean one episode of the show every other week. And on the weeks in-between, we’ll alternate between short, series review posts – like the Adachi to Shimamura piece – and more Bulletoon Extras! Once we’ve established a rhythm, there, and the boss has more time to help out on our end (or if he manages to hire some editing help), we may bump things up to twice a week.

Social Media Plan

I don’t really know what I’m doing, ehehe. BUT I’m thinking I’ll maybe consult with an expert or at least do a little more research before I confirm anything. For now my plan is to try and do one Twitter Reaction a week, maybe around the weekends, just to keep everything close together and easier to deal with, for the time-being, hmm? I take the images from the Twitter reactions and post those up to Pinterest. I use the Instagram pretty much to just post thumbnails for the latest posts on the site and reactions on the Twitter. Facebook will honestly probably just end up being a post farm. I only have so many arms, you know?

Really I doubt we’ll keep using all of them, long-term. But I wanna feel out each of ’em to see what I can do before I decide to drop any. Best to give it the ol’ college try, riiight? Right!

That’s It!

Yep! That’s all! I just figured it’d be nice to give you all a little update for transparency’s sake. So you know we’re working on stuff. Boss can fill you in a bit more on specific projects on his personal blog, but things are looking really exciting with their originals. I’m happy for ’em! But I don’t want to overstay my welcome~

This has been a Bulletoon Bulletin!
I’m Rori
Ja ne!

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