Follow Rori on Social Media (Part II)

Following up last time, let’s announce our next lineup of Social Media moves, hm?


So, as I covered before, there were more Social Media plans in the works. And here’s the next step in those plans. Voyager’s given my the keys to two more castles – the Pinterest and the Facebook Page. He even went and made a Facebook Group, ahead of time. Not that we quite have the following to make proper use of it yet. But it’s there. First, though, let’s give you a refresher.


For the moment, this account’s main function is just posting the thumbnails for the show and our articles, around here. That’ll eventually change. Even if I’m really not sure how. Maybe cute anime screen grabs, or something? Hmmm… what would you all like? I’d like it to be something that doesn’t totally overlap with the Pinterest, but we’ll come back to that. The latest was a reposting of the girls’ episode on Noragami! Such a good anime~

I’m going to be thinking on it, myself, of course, but let me know what other fun stuff you think I could do~


This is our main social media account and the one I’ve been using the most since Voyager dropped the keys in my hand. Of course the posts here auto-post to the feed. But I also do other things! It’s where I post my anime cutie of the day, I browse around to respond to tweets I think are interesting, and sometimes I do Twitter anime reactions! The last one I did was an episode of DECA-DENCE. That was fuuun~

Check out the thread to see what other fun things I said! But now let’s move on to the point of the day, hmm?

Facebook Page + Facebook Group

The page will probably be for things like Polls and Discussion topics? Ooh! That could be really fun, actually! Like discussion topics where we can take audience responses and feature them in some way on the site? Hmmm… I’ll think on it! Anyway, the Group is basically a place for you all to engage with one another about our projects. Even the affiliated ones, like boss’s whole EXTRA/NORMAL thing or that Burning Sky series they’re working on. You can talk amongst yourselves about episodes of the show, articles we put out, all that good stuff. Does that sound okay? I’m not really sure what else to do with a group, really. I’ve never really engaged with them. But I’ll do my best to learn.


Ahaha. I have no idea what I’m doing. Please help~

In all seriousness, tho, I would like to thank all you guys that actually responded to my little Twitter call-to-action, a few days ago. Everyone from Moya and K (at the Movies), to Nabe-chan and Negative Primes (also, thanks for the signal boost!) and the rest of you beautiful peeps! Also thanks to Mallow for suggesting Misaka, who actually just made a really nice post about Pinterest, themself, that you should read if you’re a total newbie like myself. You’re all aces with me~

Ah. Ara ara. I’ve gotten away from myself again. I should get back to the point. I take a lot of screen grabs when I watch anime for my reaction threads on Twitter or when we go through an anime for images to use in an article. So along with the ones we end up using, I also post the ones that go unused to the Pinterest. I’m still figuring everything out, but the account’s going again and I’m making at least a few pins a day (today I have a few more from Adachi to Shimamura to post, for example), so check it out when you can!

Everyone Else Who Responded (Thanks!)

Aaand that’s it~

I’ll let you all get back to your day, and I hope it’s a fantastic one! ‘Til next time, Rori-desu! Take it easy and, of course-


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