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Hello~ Now that I’m a proper member of this little team, I figure I should probably talk about what I do around here, hmm?

First of all, allow me to properly introduce myself. Hi-hi~ I’m Rori, Rila’s #BestGirl and Riley’s bestest buddy in the whole wide world.


She loves me. Anyway, I’m officially part of the squad, now, since Voyager’s stepping back from content hosting duties and stuff to focus on original content. Oh. He still does editing and stuff. And he still helps us make the content for the site. But he’s taking more of a background role now. EvilBob too. And that also means I’m being saddled with the site’s social media endeavors. I suppose you could call me Mission Control. Or, if you’re prefer, I’m Bulletoon’s own “Gal in the Chair.”

It just means I’m a glorified secretary, really. I handle all the admin-related things now. All the social media accounts, the crowdfunding campaigns, the community stuff, you know. Since I’m doing all of that, though, I figure I should tell y’all what I’m gonna be doing, right? Transparency is key~

For now I’ll just talk about the social media. Yep! I’m in charge of that now! And I’m mostly just picking up all the duties we already had going. “All” meaning “Twitter.” As you can see, the Twitter feed is to the right of your screen, at the bottom of the sidebar. Or you can just click this link.


It’s a brand new Twitter for a Brand New site direction! Voyager’s separated it so the old Twitter is essentially just his. This one’s new so be sure to give it a follow! As for what I do there, it’s really nothing too complicated. I figure I’ll just let myself settle into a nice little rhythm before I start trying to do anything special. I start pretty much every morning with an anime “cutie of the day,” then just scroll through the timeline and reply to and retweet things I find interesting in the community. I also use it to circulate the posts that go up on this very site, of course. But there’s not much else to talk about with Twitter. Moving on~


There’s not much to say yet, but I’m working on making the team’s Insta plenty more active and doing some things through it. For now, I’m making a post a day, going through the backlog of Bulletoon titlecards for people to see, giving old videos some new life. After that, maybe some anime screenshots or some such, teasing what the latest content on the site will be with a snippet from the next post. That could be interesting. Of course I’ll also be responsible for posting the images of original content over there and that’ll start happening pretty late into the year, I think. But it’ll be a good time, no? I haven’t really used Insta until now, so before I do anything too fancy, I’m going to be doing some studying so see just what I can do with the platform.


Voyager already said that he was planning to revamp the Facebook page and eventually make an official Facebook group. When that’s all set up, I imagine he’s going to put me in charge of that as well. And other platforms? Well, tI don’t really “get” Pinterest, so I’ll be doing a bit of research on that platform too. But I understand it can be really helpful so if I intend to do well at this, then I’d better study up. I’ll make another post on more platforms once we’ve got those all set up and I have an idea what I’m doing. In the meantime, though, thanks for supporting me through this lofty undertaking~

M’kay, that’s all I wanted to say for now. I’ll let you all go. ‘Til next time, I’ve been Rori. Take it easy! And, of course, you know the rest~


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