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2020 has nooot been an excellent year. But hopefully next year will be awesome! And we’ve already got a project all lined up!

The Bulletoon Experiment

So we’ve got a pretty big announcement to make. Throughout the next year, the content around the site is going to be a looot different than what you may be used to. At least in part. And that all comes down to something we’re internally calling “The Bulletoon Experiment.” What is it? Well, consider it a takeover. You’re all familiar with the Bulletwins, by now. Well, starting early next year, they’re going to be taking over the site in place of EvilBob and myself! I know, I know “But they’ve been on the site forever!” Yeah, but I only recently started having them pop up outside of their videos and actually do text pieces. Plus, I’ve been throwing the transcripts of the videos on the site for those of you who can’t spare the time for a 5 to 10-minute video. All of that was prep for this… soft rebranding test. The girls are going to be more than just the faces of the site. They’re going to be handling the majority of the content, going forward! So let’s walk you guys through what that’ll probably look like!

Anime TKO

The first and most noticeable difference will probably be the lack of any Anime TKO, next year. At least for the first three seasons. Now, this isn’t really about Bulletoon, so much as it’s about time. Simply put, we have too much to do. We can’t really dedicate as much time to doing a TKO every season. And, if I’m honest, I’m personally beginning to lose interest in doing them the way we have been. But that’s perfectly all right, because anime commentary is going absolutely nowhere. Quite the opposite. It’s returning in full force with brand new content and styles of content. New full-series reviews on a bi-weekly basis, making up the time between episode of the show! Rila, Riley, and maybe even Rori will show up regularly to talk about some of their favorite 1-cour anime (maybe more if we’ve already seen the show), every other weekend in a series we’re calling Bulletoon Chamber! Look forward to it!

Editorial Content

By now it’s no real surprise that I honestly just prefer editorial style content. The show, itself, is little more than a series of short, editorial essays about anime. But as much fun as those things are to write, they take time. Luckily, we’ve been working on a solution to that! We’ve got our team working on brand new editorials for the girls in their series, Bulletoon Extra! Those posts from before went over pretty well, for what they were! So we’re going to continue with those, and more frequently! Once a week, in fact! A new editorial will drop regularly in the middle of the week, even including things like Bullet Lists! On top of that, the girls will even be taking over duties on I’m Curious! So be sure to stick around because you really don’t want to miss these posts when they finally drop!

The Show

I’m sure you’re all wondering by now and the answer is, yes, the show will return! This year was a pretty rough one, if we’re honest. But it was awesome for the show. An unfortunate final few weeks delayed our finale to Season 5, but that’s all right, because we’re back and ready to wrap that up! …Once the new year begins. Yeah. The delays were preeetty rough and we only got one of the episodes out before our customary break. BUT, those last three episodes are gonna be great, so be sure to catch ’em! Then stick around a while because after some ancillary content, it returns: March… of the Magical Girls. Stay Toon’d!

Bonus Content?

Why yes, there is more! Nothing’s completely set in stone just yet because we’re trying to pace ourselves. But we are planning some more cool stuff with this little experiment. If not more comics, then at least more episodes with art inserts. That Dio episode was so much fun to put together. Could more characters in Rila and Riley’s world show up? Possibly! Are there any other styles of articles we’re hoping to put together? We’ll see! Maybe even some cool opportunities for collabs, and then some! We did have a fun concept for a series called Twinterview we think you guys may be interested in. My point is that you never know what we’ll come up with because we don’t really know either. But that’s part of the fun!

Other Changes

There will be some other things going on with us that won’t revolve around the twins, of course. It’s a full year and we’ve got a lot we’re working on. So let’s start with what’ll be the most obvious. Come the turn of the year, we’re going to change the theme of the site to something more streamlined. As much as I personally like the site as it’s currently laid-out, with the sections and all that, I’m obsessed with categories and organization. I’m very particular about these things. But they’re not overwhelmingly necessary, and will be even less so when we change the site’s functions for this project. Our original content is going to be moving from here eventually, and finding a home on its own site. So it was only a matter of time anyway. As to what the theme will wind up being, probably something like Visual. We like dark themes and that one seems to come with all the features we need, and the layout has nice dimensions.

The next major change will be to social media. In short, we’re going to start trying again. And that will involve one enormous change, on top of the relatively small ones. First, this is a pretty big change, to a point. We’re going to start using our Instagram again, using it to post the video thumbnails as we always have. But we’re also going to redo our Facebook as I’m faaairly certain most of the traction we got on there was bots. I’m also working on learning more about both platforms, in general. So it’ll be a good opportunity to change things up. The last change is the big one. We’re starting a new OFFICIAL Twitter. As much as I’m sure most people enjoy knowing this place is run by an actual person, the Twitter we’ve been using was mine. We’ve never had a proper one. Don’t worry, it won’t just be a bot account for pushing new posts. It just won’t be quite as personally inclined. Likely just community prompts, anime-related tweets, etcetera… and also pushing new posts. The catch is that it’ll be run by our very own Rori! And for our first surprise… we’ve already started! Tah-dah! Give her a follow! She doesn’t bite! (unless you make her precious Riri sad. Then hell hath no fury)

The last change to mention is going to be the Patreon. In short, our goals and tiers are going to be getting reworked to fit with this new content, as well as our original content. One of the things that’ll entail is removing the Discord-based rewards. But that’s because we’re going to be unfreezing and revitalizing the Discord later, once we’ve finished creating the new website and imprint – you’ll see – and done a bit of marketing to build our audience some more. That and we want to include some new rewards that actually revolve around the original content we’re working on. So yeah. It’ll take some time, but we’ll figure that out. Meantime, we’re looking into setting up a Ko-fi with, or possibly instead of Patreon. We’ll keep you posted on that.

There’ll be some more, smaller scale aesthetic changes. To the site, the show, all that good stuff. But they’re all likely to happen fairly deep into the year, so I won’t belabor you with all the details to those yet. Just know that things are going to start looking pretty different, pretty soon.

So What’s Next?

Hmmm… well, in truth, this will all take a little while to set up. It definitely won’t all be ready in January. But perhaps a little taste could be arranged. I suppose you’ve been plenty patient already. You guys have probably earned it, yeah? Sooo… we’ll see you guys next year with a brand new review!

I’ve been WANTING to talk about this.

By the way, be sure to check out my personal blog – HERE – for a pretty hefty announcement over there. Long story short, if you’re interested in Web Novels/Manga and Guest Posts or Collaborations, you’ll probably be interested in what I’ve got cooking over there! In the meantime, though…

Stay Toon’d!

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