It Is Finished. | Fall 2020 Weeks 11 – 12 | Anime TKO

Merry Christmas to all! It’s been a heckin’ awesome season!

Our Christmas present to you all? The Conclusion of the Latest Anime TKO!

Voyager: The Holidays are fast approaching, and what better gift than bringing you the end of latest TKO a little early?

EvilBob: You’re welcome!

Voyager: All the final episodes of the Final 4 shows for this season have aired… well… aside from one.

EvilBob: But, hey, what can ya do?

Voyager: So let’s do this. Welcome to the final installment of the Fall 2020 Anime TKO-


The Weeks In Review

DanMachi Season 3

EvilBob: Hot…

Voyager: Dayum.

EvilBob: That… was awesome. I loved it. I loved all of it. Take my 100s, please.

Voyager: Easy there, chief. I agree it was pretty cool, but I wouldn’t call it perfect. These episodes were a blast, for sure. And they got at the heart of a lot of the story’s underlying issues in a really impactful way. But there were some hiccups.

EvilBob: Well, yeah. You wanna talk about Hermes’s plan, or should I?

Voyager: Riiight… well, at least I called that it was him. But his actual plan didn’t really make a whole lot of sense. Still, I think the endgame was pretty solid. I’ll say, for sure, that Episode 11 is for sure the stronger when it comes to storytelling. That fight with Ais was fantastic, yes visually, but also narratively. And Wiene stepping in was great.

EvilBob: And dude. That fight with the Minotaur. Wow. I think, uh… I think I found the “budget.”

Voyager: It was definitely pretty, that’s for sure. But Wiene’s moment was definitely the highlight of the whole damn show, for me. Yes, some people posit that it’d have been stronger if Ais was more interesting. But I never really found her uninteresting, so that criticism rings hollow for me.

Golden Kamuy Season 3

EvilBob: Behold. The truth comes out. And now Ogata finally pays the Piper.

Voyager: …Paid the Piper for what, the horse he got away on?

EvilBob: …Let me dream.

Voyager: On that note, DUDE. Did they drug him before they operated?

EvilBob: . . .

Voyager: He even smirked before they took him to the hospital.

EvilBob: . . .That sly bastard. He isn’t human. He can’t be. He sat there, pretended to be asleep while they operated on him, then just casually got up, TOOK THEM HOSTAGE, and escaped. WOW, dude. Just… WOW.

Voyager: Well, whatever. But as to the rest of these episodes, good stuff. I loved seeing all of this hit Asirpa like a freight train. Her grappling with the reality of it all was excellent to see. And Sugimoto’s resolve to get her out of this mess is so awesome.

EvilBob: But dude… Kiroranke. I know he was a bastard, but… oof.

Voyager: Yeeeah. But I’ll say this about him. Dude don’t die easy.

Jujutsu Kaisen

EvilBob: Ooooof.

Voyager: Ya gonna make me say it?

EvilBob: …What?

Voyager: *ahem* I felt nothing! Ahahaha!

EvilBob: Oh god, it’s back.

Voyager: I know a whole lot of people were all sad and stuff, but oh well! Hmmm… but, well, I guess that’s a good thing? Ahaha! It didn’t make me mad or anything, so I guess that’s a testament to it actually being done pretty well, right?

EvilBob: Well… at least being a heartless bastard counts for something.

Voyager: Hey! Thanks!

EvilBob: That… wasn’t a compliment.

Voyager: Shame about the kid and the mom, I guess! Oh, but watching Itadori deck that blue-haired guy in the schnoz was suuuper satisfyin’! Time to kill the baddies! Let’s go!

EvilBob: Well… someone’s looking forward to this ending. Speaking of which, kind of a feelsbad that we won’t be getting the end of this arc during the actual TKO.

Voyager: Oh well!

Yuukoku no Moriarty

Voyager: Ooooh! A battle of the big-brains!

EvilBob: Okay. I’ve gotta say it. This ending might not have been the most showy of the bunch, but it was suuuper solid. I loved getting to watch Sherlock and Moriarty competing to solve this case using two totally different methods.

Voyager: We got back to Moriarty being at the forefront this time too!

EvilBob: And as much of a Sherlock fanboy as I am… It was absolutely worth it.

Voyager: Eeevery penny. He’s just so crafty! Ahaha!

EvilBob: I think you’re admiring him a little too much…

Voyager: Oh, whoops!


Now For The Winners!

Voyager: All right! And now it’s time to announce the placeme-

EvilBob: It’s DanMachi, isn’t it?

Voyager: Ahahaha! So impatient!

EvilBob: I knew it! You still gonna tell me this thing ain’t rigged?!

Voyager: It’s nooot! Scout’s honor!

EvilBob: You ain’t no scout!

Voyager: Oh no, he got me! Oh well!

Voyager: Honestly, are you guys surprised? It’s us, we’re talking about, after all! We’ve been hopeless DanMachi simps since the show began!

EvilBob: Oi! That’s the same as admitting it’s rigged, i’nnit?! And what about Golden Kamuy!?

Voyager: That’s more of a you thing, yeah?

EvilBob: You little…

Voyager: But it did come in second by a hair!

EvilBob: YOU-! Wait… it did?

Voyager: Yep! Just a measly point off! Literally. A single point. It was suuuper close! Even closer was the race for third, though! Jujutsu Kaisen just barely took that one away with a lead of, like, a percent of a point! Moriarty put up a serious fight in the end! I bet if it actually had twelve episodes, it might’ve been able to come out on top!

EvilBob: That… is a good point. Fine. Well, there you have it, people.

Voyager: Really, though! This season was a lot of fun! I loved watching all-… I loved watching most of these shows! In seasons like this, we’re all winners!

EvilBob: What a ham.

Voyager: Ooh! I could go for some ham! Christmas dinner’s gonna be awesome!

EvilBob: …not worth it. Just not worth it. Well, here’s to an awesome Winter season, I guess.

Voyager: Oh yeah! About that…

EvilBob: …what?

Voyager: Moving on!

EvilBob: Oi!


Voyager: Before we go, a disclaimer. I feel to remind people so there’s no confusion on this. Anime TKO is not about deciding the best show of the season. It’s about choosing the most consistently good of the season between two different types of viewers, mashing my more technical score against his more “entertainment value” score. There were some episodes that were technically good, but not really as enjoyable to him. And some episodes were enjoyable to him but I found them… lacking. (Honestly, if I had my pick, my favorite show of the season that I watched was probably Moriarty or Adachi to Shimamura, with DanMachi a close second or third). Point is, take these rankings with a grain of salt. Okay! Back in-character! Anyway, that’s it for us! For quite a while, I think! This was fun, but the holidays are right around the corner so we’re gonna take a lil break!

EvilBob: Yep. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours, folks.

Voyager: Thanks for reading!

EvilBob: And letting us waste your time throughout this exhausting year.

Voyager: Hoo boy, ain’t that the truth. Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy.

Voyager: Take Care!

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