The End Draws Near | Fall 2020 Week 9 | Anime TKO

Time to wake up and smell the roses, kids.

Voyager: You know, I really appreciate weeks like this.

EvilBob: What, the slow ones? Yeah, I guess it’s a nice break from-

Voyager: Ahaha!

EvilBob: You’re laughing. Stop it. I don’t like it when you laugh like that. It usually means you’re about to humiliate me.

Voyager: Hey, look at that! You can recognize patterns!

EvilBob: …I rest my case.

Voyager: Also, that’s not it at all! Sure, it’s pretty fun when we have a slower week, but not because we get a break. It’s because when a bunch of episodes slow down a bit, we can see how they handle telling a story without a bunch of moving parts to distract you! It makes them play sharper with their storytelling!

EvilBob: …Just get us started.

Voyager: Roger!

EvilBob: Who? No. I’m Bob.

Voyager: Ahahaha!

EvilBob: I said stop that!

Voyager: This is the Anime TKO-!


The Week In Review

DanMachi Season 3

Voyager: Yeah, it makes sense to slow things down for a bit after that last episode and build things up to the climax. But hoo boy is this gonna be intense, later! Also, Hestia is Bestia.

EvilBob: Seeing Bell deal with the repercussions of his supposed glory-hogging was great. I love seeing that his heroism does come with consequences.

Voyager: Oh, you sweet summer child.

EvilBob: …What?

Voyager: Nothiiing!

EvilBob: Oi! Don’t stiff me! Speak up! You know something! What is it?!

Voyager: Though I am pretty confused about how the Loki Familia knew his and the Xenos plan already. I don’t suspect there’s a spy. Some sort of Future Sight, maybe? Or perhaps someone watching them? Maybe someone listening in on their communications? I dunno. But I think it probably should’ve been saved to produce a stronger cliffhanger. You know. Make things more dramatic.

EvilBob: Hey! Quit ignoring me!

Golden Kamuy Season 3

Voyager: Oh.

EvilBob: Oh…

V&E: Ooooooh…

EvilBob: I just wanna say… oof.

Voyager: Indeed.

EvilBob: So this is whatcha meant.

Voyager: Uh-huh.

EvilBob: Yikes.

Voyager: It’s like I said before. This series does a great job of showing the ways in which war can change a person. The ways it can make victims of innocent people. Everything… HOWEVER.

EvilBob: Yeah, can we, uh… can we talk about what exactly happened with his wife? The episode’s pretty confusing in how it presents this. Did the fight just… extend further down the hill than we were led to believe?

Voyager: Or was she actually stupid enough to go back? Because wow I hope it’s not that second one? It’d really heavily kill the tragedy of the whole situation if she did that.

EvilBob: Let’s just say we know, for sure, that it’s not the second one. That said, I actually really liked the other stuff. The interactions of our three revolutionaries as they learned Japanese were great. But since we knew the gist of how things ended, there was this really tense vibe throughout the whole thing. Even in the softer scenes. And that bomb drop in the end. Hoo boy. That was… a reveal, all right.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Voyager: It’s a mystery!

EvilBob: Too bad they don’t have a brilliant and devilishly handsome consulting detective to help them out.

Voyager: Hehe. So obvious.

EvilBob: So. Time for Itadori to learn a a little more about the job. I gotta say, though, that new teacher rubs me the wrong way. He’s so deadpan and snippy. Almost like he reminds me of… someone.

Voyager: *sways in chair, humming to self*

EvilBob: *stare*

Voyager: Oh, you were finished? I like him!

EvilBob: ‘course ya do…

Voyager: The kid and the guy with the blue hair are really interesting. Way more than that lame volcano-head guy. I like how they’re building up the kid, in particular. And I’m super interested in where the darkness of this path takes him. He’s in the OP, but it seems a lot like he’s not being portrayed in an antagonistic light there, so I’unno what they plan to do with him!

Yuukoku no Moriarty

Voyager: 3… 2… 1…


Voyager: Ah, the sounds of my people.

EvilBob: Dude, this conclusion was great! I like that we’re getting Sherlock in the forefront here! No, I LOVE it! And they’re really nailing it! Now the only thing missing is the line! You know the one. And I just have to say to you all that the day he says it, you’ll all want to be wearing earplugs. Because there will be a squee heard ’round the world. A squee that would make Rila blush.

Voyager: Eheheh. The funny thing is I know he isn’t kidding. But yeah! This Sherlock is great! I especially love them building up that he and Moriarty are opposites but also extremely alike. Like how Sherlock has a network a kids helping him out, acting as his eyes and ears! It’s also great seeing them emphasize that while Sherlock isn’t a bad guy, he’s also certainly not a hero. His entire motivation for not going along with Moriarty’s deal is perfect Sherlock. He didn’t care about whether it was wrong or right. He wanted to solve the case himself! Morals be damned!

EvilBob: God this show is good.

Voyager: Yup! I’m glad I picked it!

EvilBob: Oh… right…



Voyager: Finish!

EvilBob: Please put all that energy away. You’re making me exhausted.

Voyager: You gloomy people sure are tired a lot.

EvilBob: You’re one to talk.

Voyager: I dunno what you’re talking abooout!

EvilBob: Uh-huh…

Voyager: Anyway, your thoughts, guys? Let us know, down below! Thanks for reading! Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy.

Voyager: Take Care!

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