Could There Be A Dark Horse Among Us? | Fall 2020 Week 7 | Anime TKO

It’s off to the races as the play-ins begin and a pleasant surprise awaits us on the track.

Voyager: All right. We’re back and ready to tackle the second half of the season. Let’s do this.

EvilBob: Yes. Let’s get this started… if by “this,” of course I mean…

Voyager: Here it comes…


Voyager: What a surprise.

EvilBob: No matter how hard you rig this one against me, I’ll be the one to walk away in victory, this time! You’re finished!

Voyager: Sure, sure. So anyway, welcome back to the Fall 2020 Anime TKO-


Rules of the Final Four

Voyager: Before we get started, let’s talk rules. This is a new stretch in the tournament, after all. So what does that mean for the rest of this little event?

EvilBob: It means you’re going down, Voyager!

Voyager: …charming. We’re finally having the top four square off, which means myself and my… “esteemed colleague” are to come to blows, at last. My picks directly against his.

EvilBob: We’ve been scoring the episodes internally, this whole time. So now it’s the higher seed versus the lower seed. Let’s see the underdogs come out on top! Let’s go, Golden Kamuy and Moriarty!

Voyager: …you do realize that Moriarty is on my list, right?

EvilBob: Of course I-! Wait… what?

Voyager: Yeah. You took Jujutsu Kaisen, remember? Congratulations, bud. You finally have a show in the upper bracket. Seeee? It’s not rigged, after all.

EvilBob: You… YOU!

Voyager: Ahaha! What’samatter, Bobblehead? You’re all sweaty! You wouldn’t happen to be nervous… would you?

EvilBob: Oi! You were normal, a second ago! Put that character away!

Voyager: I have no idea what you’re talking abooout!

The Week In Review

DanMachi Season 3

Voyager: So this week-

EvilBob: Bahahaha! This show’s finally tripping up! Look at that lame villain! And he’s still around! Seriously? No way it’s going to hold a candle to-

Voyager: Volcano-head?

EvilBob: …But that weak villain in DanMachi, tho! It’s in trooouble.

Voyager: The action was pretty great. But Dix is pretty lame, right? Ahahaha! Still, at least he has a reason for doing what he does. It’s a stupid reason that doesn’t really have anything to do with anything, but it’s there! Oh! Also, Bell’s still great! His dedication to saving Wiene is just so awesome. I wonder how that’ll pan out in the next episode.

EvilBob: Oi. You’re still doin’ that character thing where you ignore me. And why’d you say that last part like you already know the answer!?

Voyager: Ahaha! I wonder!

Golden Kamuy Season 3

Voyager: More of the same, really. Oh! Not in a bad way, though. It’s like we said. Golden Kamuy‘s totally found its groove, so it’s settled into what works for it. Some bits of subtle character building with stuff like the “monster cat” and the comparison to Ogata, for example. I also really like the sort of dream sequence stuff when the characters have them! It’s not something used lazily, I think. It actually gives you a peak into the characters’ minds and how they see things! Hmmm… is it just me, or did Asirpa look strangely older in Sugimoto’s dream here, tho?

EvilBob: AHEM. You’re not giving my show enough credit.

Voyager: Eh? Really? I’m pretty sure I gave it a lot of credit just now, though, right?

EvilBob: Sure, the characters and their dream sequences are great. But there’s also all that awesome worldbuilding! How we’re slowly learning more about this new area and its customs!

Voyager: *blink* But we didn’t learn anything about that stuff this time, tho. Ah! You mean that stuff they explained in random voiceover narration, towards the end!

EvilBob: Yea- no. N-not that… um… also the thing with the lighthouse was cool.

Voyager: Oh. Yeah, that whole story was neat. It’s something I actually really like about most adventure stories. Learning about all the characters you meet along the way. Their stories, their struggles, all that good stuff.

EvilBob: Phew… safe.

Voyager: Eh?

EvilBob: N-nothing! Ahahahaha!

Jujutsu Kaisen

EvilBob: Behold! The most fun episode of the entire week!

Voyager: Hm? Yeah, it was pretty awesome, wasn’t it?!

EvilBob: This little-! Be more worried, darn you! Ahem. I mean, just look at that action sequence! It was awesome! Watching Gojou just freakin’ dunk on Volcano-head. Hoo boy, that was satisfying. And the animation was tops.

Voyager: Yeah, it was pretty awesome! Though it probably would’ve been even more awesome if we had even the littlest inkling of how powerful Volcano-head really was, beforehand.

EvilBob: Eh? W-what’re you talking about? He… he wiped out that entire diner!

Voyager: Hm? But they were all just a bunch of ordinary civilians, tho. That scenes was seriously really dumb! Ahahaha!

EvilBob: S-stop laughing. That laugh means trouble!

Voyager: Oh! I just thought of a way to fix it!

EvilBob: Oh no.

Voyager: If that diner was some sort of secret safehouse of Jujutsu Sorcerers! Then it’d mean he just wiped out a bunch of powerful people, specifically trained to fight his kind, right? And they didn’t even know he was there, somehow! That’d make him seem like a real threat! Oh! And it’d make Blindfold-sensei seem even more awesome by comparison!

EvilBob: Stop having a point, already!

Voyager: Heeeh? But why? It’s fun to theorize about this stuff!

EvilBob: Not for my pride, it isn’t!

Yuukoku no Moriarty

Voyager: And now for the episode I probably enjoyed the most, this week! I can’t lie, this was a lotta fun! Just watching Moriarty’s plan unfold and seeing him getting into that Enders guy’s head was aweso- hm? Bobblehead? What’s up? You’re all twitchy and squirmy.

EvilBob: Sh-!

Voyager: Eh? Sh? Sherbert? She-Ra? Shamrock? Ah! Heeey! You’re not trying to “shush” me, are y-


Voyager: Eeeeeeeh…

Player of the Week

Voyager: Time to bring back the weekly MVP award!

EvilBob: Right! And this time it obviously goes to Sher-!

Voyager: *whack* Moriarty!

EvilBob: Owwww! But! But Sherlock, though!

Voyager: Ahahaha! Yeah, he’s awesome, buuut… I Have Spoken.

EvilBob: Y-yes sir.


Voyager: That’s a wrap on the first round of the final four! This is gonna be fun! Can’t wait to see who goes the distance!

EvilBob: Fool! Obviously it’s gonna be me!

Voyager: If you start dancing, I’m gonna hit you! And wait, did you just unironically call me “fool?”

EvilBob: N-no.

Voyager: Ooooh. I must’ve been hearing things, then!

EvilBob: Y-yeah. Your ears must’ve been playing trick on you.

Voyager: So what do you guys think about these seventh episodes? Let us know, down below! Thanks for reading!

EvilBob: And supporting me in my hour of triumph!

Voyager: Ehehe. Funny. Keep up the Awesome! K, bye!

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