EXTRA/NORMAL is Officially LIVE!

And now we see the extra (heh) fruits of Voyager’s labor.

Yes, that’s right! The first chapter of my solo project, EXTRA/NORMAL is officially live on Honeyfeed and WebNovel.com! I know I already published said chapter on my personal blog, but that was essentially a special treat for those of you already following me. A gift, of sorts, letting you guys be early readers. Now the story’s out there on more public platforms and I hope you guys can head on over to help circulate and support it!

Honeyfeed – LINK
WebNovel.com – LINK

I mentioned this in passing, but I also did a short, nifty little video promoting the project on our channel!

Special thanks to Axus (the voice of Riley) for providing the voiceover!

This is a big passion project of mine so I hope any of you that haven’t had the chance to read it yet – or would just prefer to read it on a platform that’s actually meant for this kind of thing – enjoy it. As always, thanks for reading!

Keep up the Awesome!

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