This Was… Actually Insanely Close | Fall 2020 Week 6 | Anime TKO

It’s the halfway point, and you know what that means!

Voyager: Yeesh.

EvilBob: I know!

Voyager: That was STUPIDLY close.

EvilBob: I KNOW!!!

Voyager: I really didn’t think it’d come down to the wire. Not that much, anyway. I mean we’re in a culling week, here. Usually there’s a pretty clear difference between the shows at the top and those at the bottom. But this…

EvilBob: Well, no use delaying the inevitable.

Voyager: Ooh. He brought out the Word-of-the-Day dictionary, this time.

EvilBob: N-no I… *sigh*

Voyager: Good boy. You’re learning.

EvilBob: You at least gonna give me a treat?

Voyager: Sure. I’ll get you a salad later.

EvilBob: I prefer meat, thank you.

Voyager: Ya don’t say. Anyway, this is the Fall 2020 Anime TKO-


The Week In Review

DanMachi Season 3

EvilBob: Just hurry up and kill this guy, already!

Voyager: It says a lot that DanMachi manages to still be this awesome a show, even despite the fact that the main villain of this arc is just so absurdly lame. I mean… he’s not even entertainingly evil. He’s just a raving lunatic

EvilBob: Seriously. It’s a good thing the actual main characters and world are so great, this season. The actual dilemma’s pretty awesome, which lifts up the entire arc. But this guy really needs to just die already.

Voyager: There, there. I’m sure he’ll get his… eventually.


Voyager: It amazes me how consistent this show is, and how tiresome it just refuses to become. Golden Kamuy is doing almost nothing differently from how it started and it’s still sitting pretty with one of the highest rankings in the season from us.

EvilBob: Tell me about it. The charm just refuses to wear off. It’s kind of incredible how it manages to do that. It can just truck along, doing what it always does and it still competes.

Voyager: They found what works and they’re stickin’ to it, apparently.


Voyager: Just hurry up and kill this guy, already!

EvilBob: Huh. Uh, Voyager? Are you hearing an echo?

Voyager: Difference. WORLD of difference. See, as much as Dix is an absolutely LAME villain, at least the structure of the scenes around him is fine. THIS a**hole, on the other hand, is not only lame, but also gets his “big moment” in what is easily the laziest, most mustache-twirling, bowler hat-wearing, train track-tying fashion imaginable.

EvilBob: I mean… the scene was pretty lame, but-

Voyager: Why’d they have that conversation in the diner, Bob?

EvilBob: …huh.

Voyager: So the scene could happen. That’s the answer. They never ordered any food. They clearly hate humans, so I can see no reason they’d admire the human establishment. Then why else would that scene have existed? PURELY so the curse could murder a bunch of innocent people – which he didn’t plan to do beforehand, by the way, it was a spur of the moment thing. It was a shock tactic, entirely there to show us how EEEEEVIL this dude was, and how POWERFUL he was gonna be… despite the fact that he mercilessly killed… a bunch of random civilians.

EvilBob: You, uh… that scene reeeally got under your skin, didn’t it?

Voyager: The scene had no rhyme or reason. It was just lazy-ass writing. My least favorite variety. And a personal pet peeve of mine. So yes. I think it’s pretty fair to say it “got under my skin.” Hell, even FRIEZA has a logic behind his more cruel actions. He doesn’t just murder people because he feels like it. He kills people for getting in his way or daring to oppose him. Sure, the arrogance is there, but it’s not just mindless slaughter. Even friggin’ DIO has reasons for s–t. Yes, kicking Danny was there to show you how twisted he was, but he did have a logic in doing it. This loser just torched a bunch of innocent people because… evil. F–k outta here, man.

EvilBob: …Well, okay then.

Voyager: The rest of the episode was cool though.

EvilBob: Wha-?!


Voyager: Oh, hey, the episode we should’ve gotten last time. Eh? Uh… dude? You’re… you’re shaking. What’s your problem? You constipated or something?

EvilBob: Trying. To Contain. My Squee!

Voyager: Hah?

EvilBob: It’s him! He’s here!

Voyager: I… I don’t…


Voyager: Psh. Nerd.

EvilBob: Yup!

Voyager: Well, at least in this episode the a**holes got what was coming to them.

EvilBob: You, uh… you’re really quite bitter inside, aren’tcha?

Voyager: You have no idea.


Voyager: Welp.

EvilBob: Bruh. Talk about standing and delivering.

Voyager: We did say this one was gonna have to pull out all the stops if it wanted a chance at sticking around. That’s essentially what happened.

EvilBob: Right? I mean, it was a pretty standard “Fight your trauma, literally” episode, but it was done pretty well! The stuff with Yuyu is still pretty great as her character develops more and more.

Voyager: I can still hardly believe this show is based on a toyline.

EvilBob: Yea- wait, what?

Voyager: You… didn’t know?

EvilBob: …suddenly everything makes sense. So… it’s a glorified toy ad?

Voyager: You say that like you weren’t around for, like, all of the 80s?

EvilBob: S-shutup! You weren’t!

Voyager: Being an old soul is fun. More fun than just being… old.

EvilBob: …hello police? Yes, I’d like to report a homicide? Yeah. It’s my hopes and dreams again. You got it. My boss. Hello? Hello, operator? Why do they always hang up?


Voyager: So. That fight was cool.

EvilBob: Yup.

Voyager: There was some neat worldbuilding around the executioners.

EvilBob: Uh-huh.

Voyager: Too bad I still don’t care about almost anything they want me to. On that note – Oh noooo, not Brawler. Aaaah, my feeeeels…

EvilBob: Yeeeah…

Voyager: At this point I honestly care more about that one executioner girl than about… literally any of these others. Which is unfortunate. Because I know this bodes poorly for her. Swindler too. But at least Swindler’s pure kindness is enough of a character trait to get me rooting for her… probably a tragic thing, but whatever.

EvilBob: So…. yeah. Nice episode to look at, the action was pretty wild, and I liked getting to learn a little more about how the Executioners work. But, uh… well… s’about it.


Voyager: Akudama Drive’s out.

EvilBob: Bye Felicia.

Voyager: Pity. Not even a bad show, really. Just nowhere near as strong as the people nagging me about it would have you believe. Oh well. Decent popcorn show. But popcorn shows aaaren’t the best competitors for a TKO.

EvilBob: And let’s be honest. It wasn’t likely to beat Golden Kamuy anyway. But the other elimination, though? Oof. This was down to the wire.

Voyager: Over in my bracket, it came down to Yuukoku no Moriarty and Assault Lily: Bouquet. And when I say it came down to those two, I mean it went down between those two. A slug-fest is what this was. By the end of this week, they pretty much had the same rating in my internal scoring. Yeah. They tied.

EvilBob: Which meant another tiebreaker… a tiebreaker that settled things by a difference of not only one episode, but just a couple of points. It was THAT CLOSE.

Voyager: And in the end… *opens envelope* …Moriarty… congratulations, you’ve earned your keep in this season’s TKO! Tell him what he’s won, Bob!

EvilBob: You’ve won an all expenses paid trip to the Final Four, where you’ll get to live on for six more episodes until the time of the final judgment! Hope you’re ready!

Voyager: With all that said, I would like to put out there that even despite this, Assault Lily: Bouquet put up one HELL of a fight. And it deserves your time. So, by all means, check it out.


EvilBob: And, with that out of the way, put those hands together, folks, because these are your Final Four of the Anime TKO TOURNAMENT ARC!!!

Voyager: And just so we’re clear, our praise for DanMachi and Jujutsu Kaisen really isn’t doing enough service to exactly how close these four are. With six episodes left before Judgment Day-

EvilBob: Insert Terminator Music Here.

Voyager: Shut up. With just six episodes left in the season, anything can happen. Look forward to it.


Voyager: Well… that’s it.

EvilBob: Talk about a loaded week.

Voyager: Looots of people dying, this time… and unfortunately not all of them the ones we wanted to bite it. Oh well.

EvilBob: You might wanna get that inner darkness of yours looked at? Have you tried the salt circle thing?

Voyager: I’ll keep it in mind. Anyway, that’s all from us. Thanks, as always, for reading.

EvilBob: And letting us waste your time.

Voyager: Keep up the Awesome.

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy.

Voyager: Take care!

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