EXTRACURRICULAR – Chapter 1 Drops Today!

It’s here! The first chapter of my personal pet project, EXTRACURRICULAR, is officially live on my personal blog.

I will be posting a proper announcement at a later date regarding its release to the likes of other sites, such as Honeyfeed. But there’s a video companion piece to that announcement, which isn’t ready just yet. In the meanwhile, consider yourselves a test audience and go read EXTRACURRICULAR: Chapter 1 – The Invisible Girl, HERE! Circulate it if you would, pretty please, and don’t forget to tell me whatcha think! EXTRA’s a project I’m not quite holding to quite the same immediate standard as Burning Sky, but I’d still really appreciate whatever feedback you’d care to give! All right, that’s all! Thanks for reading! Really. Thank you ever so much.

Keep up the Awesome!

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