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What in the world even WAS this week?

Voyager: All right. Let’s get this over with.

EvilBob: Hm? You seem different.

Voyager: No idea what you’re talkin’ about. Let’s just get on with it.


…Weren’t you trying to kill him last time you spoke?

Voyager: Well. Things are certainly beginning to heat up. With another faction out hunting for Weine, Bell and the gang sneaking around for information, and now Weine getting exposed in the middle of town, a lot’s going on. The season’s definitely opting for a slower build, but the inevitable crescendo promises to be pretty great, I think. There’s already a fairly decent moral dilemma, right from the beginning.


Voyager: …Yes?

EvilBob: How you gonna open on the smart stuff, man? C’mon, you know I can’t follow that.

Voyager: …You don’t know what crescendo means, do you?

EvilBob: Is it like a croissant?

Voyager: …What?

EvilBob: I could go for a croissant. It’s all fluffy and buttery and-

Voyager: It’s not a food, you-! …Whatever. So yeah. Some minor things, here and there. Awfully convenient that literally no one seemed to see Weine save that girl’s life, of course. I’m not expecting a different outcome or anything, but at least one non-Bell individual to notice this would’ve been nice. Still just a minor pet peeve, more than anything substantial.

EvilBob: …I’mma just agree with everything you just said, so I don’t have to think about my answer… also I wanna go get a croissant, so let’s hurry this up.



Be honest. You can HEAR this image.


Voyager: Oh, for- ZA WARUDO!

EvilBob: *stops*

Voyager: Sooo… who knew Golden Kamuy took place in the same world as JoJo’s?

EvilBob: I mean, the people are terrible enough to almost rival Dio… almost.

Voyager: Well, no lie there. It’s a fine balance, being able to make a cast so lovable despite being almost objectively awful. Also pretty universally moronic. Makes me wonder what went wrong with… *ahem* anyway, the episode was pretty fun, honestly.

EvilBob: Oh yeah. SO much fun. The new guy was just as silly as I’m pretty sure we were all expecting. But we actually got some pretty awesome moments out of him. Even a fight that was both tense and funny!

Voyager: Some actual character development, however minor, was a nice touch. And there was even a conclusion to a mini-arc that’d been built up in the previous episode with the wolverine. By the end, everything more or less came together and things moved forward pretty fluidly. Despite some… setbacks.

EvilBob: Eh? A “setback” is what you call Sugimoto getting bonked one time too many and going all SUTÄ€ PURACHINA! on everyone?

Voyager: I mean… he did get shot in the head in the last season, so…


Ah. The smug mentor. A favorite of ours.

EvilBob: So. How long until he becomes Hokage?

Voyager: eh?

EvilBob: The mentor guy with the blindfold. He’s Kakashi, right?

Voyager: I… no. What?

EvilBob: Also, I’m callin’ it here. The principal is gonna have the most emotional death in the entire series and maybe come back as a villain in a sequel.

Voyager: Wait…

EvilBob: Also how long until we find out the dark-haired guy is the sole survivor of his clan that his brother murdered, but not really?

Voyager: Dude.

EvilBob: And-

Voyager: SO, the episode was good. Lots of good, organic world-building that tells us even more about the world while showing us some other fun stuff and getting us more familiar with more of the cast and the rules of the world. Also I like that we now have a solid objective for the series. We all know I love that kind of thing.

EvilBob: Awww. And I had a whole presentation ready about who the real villain was and everythi-

Voyager: I will corrupt your hard-drive.

EvilBob: Shutting up.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

…you… you have super strength. What’s even the point of those weights?

EvilBob: Um… Voyager?

Voyager: Yes?

EvilBob: I have a question.

Voyager: Speak your mind, my intellectually challenged friend.

EvilBob: …t-thank you? Um… why wasn’t this episode one?

Voyager: …That’s a good friggin’ question!

EvilBob: Also, we have three new gems… does that mean Naraku’s coming back?

Voyager: Actually worse, apparently.

EvilBob: …Hah?

Voyager: Yup.

EvilBob: In… in 12 Episodes?

Voyager: Ayup.

EvilBob: …Bullcrap.

Voyager: Yyyyyup. On the plus side, this episode was way better as an introduction to the series. Gave us good looks at all the key characters, right ahead of their meeting, establishing all of the plights and personalities, the works. I think it’ll generally be smooth sailing from here.

EvilBob: …I have another question.

Voyager: Yes, o’ ignorant one?

EvilBob: …Isn’t there only one episode left to make a big impression?

Voyager: Oh… well crap.

Yuukoku no Moriarty

Did they just-?!



Voyager: No, but really.

EvilBob: Have you ever found yourself asking “What If DIO was Good?” Well… then you probably aren’t current on the manga, because that was sort of a thing at one point. But also… this anime. Wait… I get it! The time shenanigans made it where he didn’t grow up with an abusive father! He was an orphan instead!

Voyager: I just love how this episode is straight up the first portion of Phantom Blood, but if Jonathan was the one to invite Dio into the household instead of Georgie-boy… also, and this almost goes without saying, but suck it, George.

EvilBob: Yeah. George is a jerk. Wait… does that make the actual younger Moriarty brother the dog?

Voyager: DUDE!

EvilBob: Whaaat? They both died in a-

Voyager: No! Bad! Too soon! ALWAYS too soon!

EvilBob: Fiiine. Aaanyway, pretty good episode. If you’re gonna have backstory like this, it should at least be compelling stuff. I think this one hit the sweet spot.

Voyager: I can’t even really be mad that it’s not technically the first episode because the first episode we got was really just a glorified taste test. It was there to establish our expectations and was solid, on its own. So good stuff, all around. I’m liking the greater understanding of the characters and the direction things seem to be taking.

Akudama Drive

Our gripes aside, this image is badass.

Voyager: Problem. I still don’t care about anyone here. I mean, there’s the main girl, but… I only care what happens to her because she’s innocent. It’s basic human empathy, like I said before. She’s not exactly interesting at all. Not yet, anyway.

EvilBob: Yeah. Also a lotta stuff in this episode feels like it’s just… happening. It’s pure chaos.

Voyager: It’s stylistic and bombastic and fun-ish, but I wonder if that charm will wear off before the show ends.

EvilBob: Well, we might not have to worry about that for long.

Voyager: True. Also Hoodlum is annoying and the bomb thing really, just… makes no sense. Like… literally none. Also, I think they’ve kind of unintentionally shot themselves in the foot with the doctor.

EvilBob: Eh?

Voyager: Unless people get killed off in the absolute most spectacular ways imaginable – I’m talkin’ blown to smithereens – I will not buy it at all if anyone gets whacked while she’s around. She’s good enough to sew her own throat back together.

EvilBob: …huh. Yeah, that was pretty sus.

Voyager: …Did you just-

100-Man no Inochi no ue ni ore wa Tatteiru

You, uh… you might need to pray a bit harder to survive THIS, bucko.

Voyager: It was better.

EvilBob: Yeah. Much better, actually.

Voyager: Threw in some actual character development on the part of the lead and gave his character a bit more context. Though I have to say this dude is cosmically lucky.

EvilBob: I like how he went out to grind levels, and in the end it didn’t even matter, really, because the other girl died anyway.

Voyager: Yeah, that was amusing. The save point feature is pretty neat. And the future flash thing was… a thing. Not a particularly interesting thing. But a thing.

Assault Lily: BouqUet

Voyager see a cute. Voyager has a happy.

Voyager: …So… I just realized this, but… this was helmed by Shaft.

EvilBob: Huh. No WONDER it looks so good.

Voyager: Right? But yeah. This is… wait.

EvilBob: …What?

Voyager: ooooh noooo…

EvilBob: What?!

Voyager: I… get the sneaking suspicion… that this is ’bout to get reeeal dark.

EvilBob: Huh? What gives you that- *checks filmography* Oh. OH. Ooooooh…

Voyager: *ahem* So this episode was nice. Some unexpectedly sharp character work towards the end, with Riri asking Yuyu to partner up with her. Also revealing some of the darkness hiding inside of the latter. Also some added context the some of the characters we got introduced to briskly in the last episode was nice. And it seems the internal monologue has been pretty much gotten rid of, in favor of the story actually just taking us through things and letting us experience stuff as it happens.

EvilBob: *blink* It was cute.

Voyager: …Yes, Bob. It was cute.

EvilBob: I like Kaede.

Voyager: *headpats* Yes, yes, Kaede is funny and adorable.

Bruh… what the hell?

Voyager: Oh. Would ya look at that? We’re done.

EvilBob: We are? Wow. That was fast.

Voyager: So. What’re we thinkin’ about next time?

EvilBob: I… have no idea. This is seriously way too close to call, just yet. I mean… if I had to predict, then I’d guess we’re gonna be kicking Yashahime and Million Lives, first round.

Voyager: Hm… I think Akudama Drive is in some danger too. Not as much, but… if it rubs us the wrong way, it’s in major trouble, i’nnit?

EvilBob: True, true. Also I’m not sure if Moriarty will be able to hang in there or not.

Voyager: Well, all in due time. And what does our lovely audience think?

EvilBob: Let us know, down below!

Voyager: Thanks for reading.

EvilBob: And for letting us waste your time.

Voyager: Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy.

Voyager: Take Care.


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