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Ready to check out the Fall 2020 Anime Season? We certainly are!

Voyager: Here we are! Let’s dive right into our early impressions of the Fall 2020 season and see just what’s in store!

EvilBob: Which of the shows in question will impress us enough to get through the Selection Battles? The first rounds begins… NOW!

Voyager: This is the welcome return of the Anime TKO-



EvilBob: And the winner of the Fall 2020 Anime TKO is-

Voyager: Ahaha! We just started, silly!

EvilBob: I’m kiddin’, I’m kiddin’… sorta. In all honesty, this was a nice little return to Orario. Honestly, it feels like we never left. A little on the slow side, but I don’t think that’s an issue. We all know it’s building up.

Voyager: Heeeh?

EvilBob: …What?

Voyager: I completely disagree, ahaha!

EvilBob: Of course you do. *ahem* “Gee, Voyager. Why don’t you enlighten us!”

Voyager: Okay! I don’t think it was slow at all! I think the better word for it is just “calm,” y’know? Slow would mean that it’s paced in a way where it doesn’t feel like things are really moving. But that’s not the case! Things are definitely moving! Just not in the most action-y way. We learned a lot about Weine and we got reacclimatized to the world, as well as all the character’s we’ve come to love so much! The story also got the ball rolling right away! But it did it without being disorienting and actually revealed a lot of the individual characterization in a reeeally efficient way! Also-

EvilBob: WE GET IT. YOU’RE SMART. bloody show off.

Voyager: Hmm? You know I never noticed this, Bobblehead.

EvilBob: Heh? What?

Voyager: You’re a really jealous guy, ain’tcha?

EvilBob: Jea- What?! You take that back!

Voyager: Ahaha! Confirmed!


EvilBob: And so continues the story of a bunch of extremely manly idiots – who also happen to be absolutely terrible people – in their quest for riches… also a cute native girl… who’s missing… again. I’m… starting to sense a pattern, here.

Voyager: Hm. This is, like, the fourth time, i’nnit?

EvilBob: Don’t remind me. Man. She’s the best character, too. She’s smarter’n all of ’em. That’s for sure. And more responsible. And… you know… an actual good person. She’s like their mom. Their tiny, tiny mom. And tiny mom don’t take no crap from anyone. It’s like the adventures of one Lawful/Good player trying their best to carry their Chaotic/Stupid teammates to victory.

Voyager: Huh. Sounds familiar…

EvilBob: Ooh. Think I gave him Overwatch flashbacks. Anyway, yeah. The show’s still stupid fun and insanely entertaining. I just wish it wasn’t “The Search for Asirpa” again.


EvilBob: I know Burn The Witch was actually from the creator, but this one gave me maaajor Bleach vibes. In a good way, mostly. But yeah.

Voyager: It was so cool! The action was really awesome and fluidly animated! And the designs were appropriately grotesque and creepy. I love the style of it! Oh, and the main character’s pretty neat. I like that little mini character arc we got to see out of the one episode. It really was a pretty nice, largely contained story, overall. I’m looking forward to seeing more!

EvilBob: And we all learned a valuable lesson.

Voyager: Eh?

EvilBob: Expired finger food gives you superpowers… or demons.

Voyager: Eeeeeh…


EvilBob: Inuyasha’s back!

Voyager: Yeah!

EvilBob: But…

Voyager: Yeah…

EvilBob: So, um… problem. Wasn’t this show… supposed to be about… the kids?

Voyager: Hmmm. Well, it’s all setup, yeah? And that’s toootally fine! But if you don’t remember much about the original, you’re gonna be kinda lost. It really is banking on people having already seen it. Which is fine, but it also means this episode kinda feels like it’s mostly just an episode in a new season of that show, instead of the first episode of a distant sequel.

EvilBob: It’s definitely not bad at all. In fact, it’s really nostalgic and pretty entertaining. It’s just that it’s hard to rate this episode as part of the new show because it just feels like part of the old one. Oh well. Always next week.


Voyager: Oh, this was good!

EvilBob: That’s… unexpected. From you, especially. I thought you didn’t like mystery.

Voyager: Hm? What gave you that idea? I love a good mystery! But mystery’s really hard to pull off, so we don’t get a whole lot of good ones! Remember that one you covered for a bit, a while back?

EvilBob: Oh… right…

Voyager: Seeee? Ahaha! This one deeefinitely didn’t blow my socks off or anything. But it was really solid for a first episode to whet our appetites and get us familiar with the dashing lead!

EvilBob: That’s true. A nice, 1-episode, contained mystery is never a bad thing. It just tends to be kinda hard to do since you don’t usually get the time to use every tool in that trusty mystery writers’ toolkit. But any efficient mystery could get around that. And I think this is one of ’em. It’s probably one of the weaker entries, in terms of pure style. But it has a certain charm to it, regardless.


EvilBob: Well that was… a thing we just watched.

Voyager: *nods* Eh.

EvilBob: Um… question.

Voyager: Hm?

EvilBob: What… was it?

Voyager: I have no idea!

EvilBob: Oh. Good.

Voyager: The creator was behind Danganronpa, which I don’t really like. And it also gave me some serious Suicide Squad vibes. So there’s that.

EvilBob: Wait… are they all gonna die?

Voyager: Hmmm… there’s about a 75% chance they’re all fodder, yeah. I really dug the show’s super stylized aesthetic, though! And it was pretty fun… if totally nonsensical, at times.

EvilBob: Wait, don’t just skip over that comment. FODDER?

Voyager: I also don’t really care about anyone aside from the main girl. And even that’s down to just basic empathy, more or less. I don’t want her to die, but I don’t really think I’d shed a tear for any of the others, if I’m honest. They’re all pretty awful, ahaha!

EvilBob: Well that’s… yikes.

Voyager: Hmm… but I suppose that hurts my ability to enjoy the series overall, yeah? I don’t really care about anyone but the main girl, since she’s an innocent. And I still don’t know much about her either. So I have this constant nagging in the back of my head, making me all wary of when heads are gonna start popping like tic-tacs.

EvilBob: Dude!

Voyager: Ah. I guess even if I don’t care about most of ’em dying, a series where pretty much everyone is narrative fodder doesn’t sit well with me. Feels pretty wasteful, yeah? But if it doesn’t do that, it could be fun!

EvilBob: …are we sure YOU don’t belong on a list, somewhere?


EvilBob: So. Nooblets vs. Darksouls.

Voyager: Aha. This game wishes it was Darksouls.

EvilBob: …Dude. No game wishes it was Darksouls. Anyway, this… happened. I’ll give it credit where it’s due. It’s not exactly the stock isekai I was expecting. I mean, sure the lead is basically just another Kirito expy, but the scenario is pretty unique, I think. And the world’s death mechanic is actually a pretty cool way to help set it apart from its peers.

Voyager: Oh! I’ll say that it was actually funnier than I was expecting and wasn’t all that cringey in the interactions between the main guy and the two girls! Yet. And the visuals are a lot stronger than I think they really needed to be! So you can tell some actual care is being put into this. Some.


Voyager: Oooh! I was totally wrong! Not magical girls at all! It’s a Cute Girls Fight Monsters show like Toji no Miko! Hopefully… better, though. But still! It’s like God Eater: Highschool Girl Edition! And I’m toootally here for it!

EvilBob: Ya don’t say…

Voyager: I do say!

EvilBob: You… that’s not what I… nevermind. But, hey. Did you see those weapons? Those things were crazy!

Voyager: The animation was actually super crisp in the action scenes! I also love the character designs! And the animation was so bouncy and vibrant!

EvilBob: Oi. Don’t ignore me.

Voyager: I’m also liking the characters, so far! They’re not mindblowing, or anything, but they’re cute and funny! I wanna see more!

EvilBob: Hey, I said-

Voyager: Now, on with the show!

EvilBob: HEY!


Voyager: And here we are with the wrap-up! So, what do you think? Any changes in the predictions, so far?

EvilBob: Honestly? Not really. This season is looking a lot closer than we thought it’d be, but just about everything still looks like it’s pretty much in the place we expected they’d be. We just gotta stick it out a little longer so we can hurry and decide which shows we’re each picking up and which two are getting canned.

Voyager: Roger! In that case, that’s everything! Tune in next week! If all the shows are on their third episodes by then, we’ll just do a quick double feature on each! Otherwise we’ll just keep going like this until each show has three and then we can decide! Sound like a plan?

EvilBob: I’d say so, ye-

Voyager: Great! And with all that said, thanks for reading!

EvilBob: I said knock it off!

Voyager: What did you think of the anime on our list? Let us know, down below! Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: And Keep It-

Voyager: Take care!

EvilBob: OI!

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