Fall 2020 Anime Preview

For thousands of years we have lain dormant!

EvilBob: Oh… great.

Voyager: Hmmm? What’s up, Bobblehead?

EvilBob: Don’t give me that! You know exactly what’s up!

Voyager: Whaaat?

EvilBob: Reeeal convenient, you deciding to bring back the TKO during the exact season when that is coming back.

Voyager: Ahaha! It’s a coincidence, Bob! A coincidence! Promise!

EvilBob: Riiight…

Voyager: But he’s right! We’re back and rarin’ to go! Now that we’ve taken a nice lil break from anime-land, we’re gonna dip our toes back into the water with the Fall 2020 Anime Season! And what better way to do it than with a new Anime TKO-


Voyager: Nope! *whisper whisper*

EvilBob: Ooooh. *ahem* TOURNAMENT ARC!!!!!

Voyager: Yeahyeahyeah! Buuut we haven’t totally decided all of the competitors yet. We’ve got two, though! So without further ado, let’s reveal our shiny new contestants!


DanMachi Season 3

Voyager: Dibs!

EvilBob: How… very… surprising…

Voyager: Hey, hey, you sound really sour, right now, Bobblehead!

EvilBob: Is… is this even fair? C’mon. It totally won one already! Wouldn’t it be a better idea to just… let this one sit things out and give the other shows a chance to-

Voyager: Hmmm? You don’t have faith in your pick?

EvilBob: “Faith” my eye! You know this thing’s track record!

Voyager: Yup! I think it’ll make things exciting! Think of the storyline! Defending champion, up against one of the losers of the past! This one’s for all the marbles! Can the disgraced loser defeat the lustrous winner? How can the beaten and downtrodden failure at last overcome the shining example! Is there any hope for-?!

EvilBob: We Get It! And why does it keep getting worse, the longer you keep going?!

Voyager: Ahaha! Must be your imagination!

EvilBob: …Sure.


Golden Kamuy Season 3

EvilBob: …Dibs.

Voyager: So disappointed!

EvilBob: Welp. I’mma just lose now.

Voyager: Oooh. You really don’t have any confidence in your pick, huh? I think that might speak to a deeper psychological issue. Wanna talk about it?

EvilBob: Oh, buzz off. This thing doesn’t have nearly as spotless a record. Season 2 wasn’t even as good as Season 1! I’m sure it’s gonna be entertaining, but entertaining enough to beat that?

Voyager: But it’s fun, tho!

EvilBob: I mean… can’t argue with that. It’s stupid amounts of fun, this show. Hopefully that’ll be enough.


Voyager: And here come the shows we don’t yet know the placements for!

EvilBob: We’re planning to watch ’em all to see which ones make the cut. Then we’ll decide who gets what and get right into the tournament. So let’s do this.

Jujutsu Kaisen

EvilBob: This is an interesting one. The latest Shonen Jump darling, it’s all about exorcism, far as I can tell.

Voyager: Yeah! I know a lot of people are really into its art style too! It’s apparently got some really trippy and cool visuals, going for it!

EvilBob: Either way, this one’ll probably make the cut. It’s just a matter of deciding who’s gonna grab it. We’re both pretty huge Shonen Jump fanboys.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon

Voyager: Okay! So! This is gonna be really weird!

EvilBob: Yup.

Voyager: ‘Cause neither of us has watched Inuyasha in a looong time!

EvilBob: Eeeeyup. At least 5 years, for me.

Voyager: Over a decade for me!

EvilBob: So this one’s already in dangerous waters. If it can stand enough on its own, then we’ll definitely pick it up. If not… well… maybe after we rewatch the original.

Voyager: Oh! There’s something I wanna try!

EvilBob: Eh?

Voyager: Sit, boy!

EvilBob: Guh! *slams into the ground* HOW?!

Yuukoku no Moriarty

EvilBob: This one looks fairly interesting.


EvilBob: …What? It’s Moriarty! C’mon, it could be a genuinely compelling mystery for a cha-!

Voyager: *casually looks away*

EvilBob: Oi! At least pretend to be interested!

Akudama Drive

Voyager: I know nothing!

EvilBob: It’s a sci-fi show or something. About criminals, I guess? It could be a nice contender for something a little darker than usual. For us, anyway.

Voyager: There was a war or something in Japan, I think? And maybe people have weird sci-fi tech or powers or something? It could be really fun or really stupid! Let’s all find out together!

EvilBob: It could also be… you know… dull.

Voyager: Details! Those things the description was incredibly light on!

EvilBob: I mean… he ain’t wrong.

100-man no Inochi no Ue ni Ore wa Tatteiru

EvilBob: Oh. Ooooh nooo…

Voyager: Eh?

EvilBob: It’s a Game series. T-that means it could potentially wind up being like…

Voyager: Bofuri!

EvilBob: Huh. Hadn’t thought of that. But… I… heavily doubt it.

Voyager: So negative!

EvilBob: I guess, failing that, it could just be kinda bland.

Voyager: It could also be really fun!

Assault Lily: Bouquet

Voyager: Magical Girls!

EvilBob: Can you tell whose this is if it makes the cut?

Voyager: Eeheehee.

EvilBob: You realize that means they’re probably going to suffer horrifically, right? Magical Girl shows, lately, haven’t exactly skimped on that whole idea.

Voyager: But Yuki Yuna, tho!

EvilBob: I swear you’re trying to give yourself a heart condition.

Voyager: *gasp* Bob! They’re giving Yuki Yuna another season!

EvilBob: O-okay?

Voyager: I don’t want them to, though! My precious girls! Haven’t they been through enough already?! Just let them be happy!

EvilBob: …Seriously, and you’re planning to do this to yourself again?


Voyager: And that’s all of ’em! So, what do we think?!

EvilBob: Eh?

Voyager: Predictions! Who do you think will make the cut?!

EvilBob: How… how many are we even choosing?

Voyager: Oh! Format! Hmmm… How about three each?

EvilBob: But… that’s not… divisible by 4.

Voyager: Seeding, silly! We can give DanMachi and Golden Kamuy a Bye Period – maybe… 6 episodes? All while, we take the first three weeks to choose our bottom two, then the two choices have to duke it out in Play-In matches across the next three weeks to get on the bracket! Then, for the rest of the tournament, the four remaining shows have at it!

EvilBob: Huh. All right, let’s do things that way, then. Should be interesting. So now we just need to figure out what we think the other shows are gonna wind up being, right?

Voyager: Yeah! We can even guess what we think will make it through the Play-Ins!

EvilBob: In that case… I’m thinking if it can stand on its own, then Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon is a definite grab for me. And I’ll probably be interested in grabbing Jujutsu Kaisen. As for what gets through the Play-Ins, though… oof. I’m thinking Princess Half-Demon is the safer bet. But I’ve been hearing a looot of hype things about Jujutsu Kaisen, so… yeah. You?

Voyager: *grin*

EvilBob: Right. Stupid question…

Voyager: I’ll probs pick up Assault Lily: Bouquet-!

EvilBob: “Might,” he says…

Voyager: Ahaha! I’m totally predictable, huh?! And maybe Akudama Drive!

EvilBob: Wait, wait, wait. YOU? YOU’RE going to pick up Akudama Drive.

Voyager: Oh. Am I not predictable anymore? Yay!

EvilBob: Then… what do you think is going to win that matchup?

Voyager: *grin*

EvilBob: Ah. Back to predictable. Got it.

Voyager: So mean!


Voyager: And that’s it, everybody! I’m looking forward to watching all of these!

EvilBob: Assuming we can. Streaming rights, and all that.

Voyager: True! So what about you all? What’re you excited for, this season? Let us know, down below! Thanks for reading, as always, everybody!

EvilBob: Be sure to check out our other content too. There’s a whole archive of Star Wars posts and a ton of anime analysis videos… we keep busy.

Voyager: Also, we wrote a book and we’re writing more of ’em soon! So check that out! In the meantime, you know the drill! Keep up the Awesome!

EvilBob: And Keep it Classy.

Voyager: B’bye!

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