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Summer of Star Wars | The End of The Republic

Season seven. Let’s go.

Clone Wars

This season gives me all sorts of mixed feelings. Clone Wars needed to end and give us closure but, I really didn’t want it to. I will say one thing though. That last arc is probably my favorite in the entire show.

New Faces

Trace Martez

Clone Wars

Trace is the younger of the Martez sisters and she seems to be a brilliant mechanic. She’s also an aspiring pilot. All things considered she’s a likable and fun character.

Rafa Martez

Clone Wars

The street smart older Martez sister. She comes across as standoffish but she’s like that trying to protect her sister.


Clone Wars

The sniper to end all snipers. He can user your head to ricochet a bullet and kill the guy standing beside you. If he calls a shot you better believe he can pull it off.


Clone Wars

The tech wiz of the group and probably the most intelligent clone in the entire show.


Clone Wars

He’s basically Star Wars Rambo.


Clone Wars

The brute of the group. Fun fact he eats battle droids for breakfast.


Season 7 Episodes 5 – 8

Clone Wars

Okay, I’m not recapping this one. There’s something I gotta say. This is the worst arc of the entire show. Yes, I’m saying the Jar-Jar ones are better. While most Jar-Jar related episodes bug me they aren’t boring. by episodes 6 and 7 of this arc, I was bored out of my skull. And here’s why.

We spend a significant amount of time with Ahsoka building up trust with Trace and they do nothing with it. Ahsoka allows herself and the others to be captured multiple times because she doesn’t trust the sisters enough to behave like decent human beings once they find out she was a Jedi. I know she’s struggling because of what happened to her but come on the sisters aren’t the order. She’s not even behaving like herself in these episodes a lot of what she does is just out of character.

Season 7 Episodes 1 – 4

Clone Wars

So the Republic forces start losing to some sort of algorithm and Rex finds that it’s source could be Echo. So Cody calls in Clone Force 99 to assist with the mission. The team fights their way into a separatist facility and they find confirmation that Echo is indeed alive.

The team makes their way to Skako Minor to deal with Echo one way or another. and they find him hooked up to a computer like he’s some sort of extra hard drive. With Echo’s help they’re able to regroup at a local village and destroy their pursuers. Once back at base they press a final assault that finally ends Trench for good.

Season 7 Episodes 9 – 12

Clone Wars

During the last leg of the war Anakin gets a message from Fulcrum which is an alias used by Saw. Upon answering the call he finds it’s Ahsoka on the other end and she needs his help to save Mandalore. Anakin is all for helping but the rest of the Jedi are more than a little hesitant. Against orders Anakin allows some of his clones to join her and Rex in the battle for Mandalore. With the support in place they hit Maul’s forces hard but ultimately Ahsoka ends up surrounded in the sewers.

Ahsoka fights her way out of the ambush and manages to regroup with the rest of her troops before charging Maul once again. Maul actually tries to reason with her and he explains his master’s plan to her. Ahsoka of course knows she cant trust him and an epic final battle begins. Ahsoka does mange to beat and capture maul packing him for the long trip back to the Republic capital.

Ahsoka has caught Maul and is returning home nothing could possibly go wrong. And this is the time Order 66 is activated. Ahsoka is surrounded by clones including Rex. Rex manages to fight the chip long enough to tell Ahsoka to look up his report on Fives. Ahsoka then frees Maul to use him as a distraction. And with the information in hand, she captures Rex and locks herself into the medical bay to perform the surgery to remove it from him. The clones open the door only for Rex to gun them down himself.

Maul’s distraction ends up dooming the ship so Ahsoka and Rex are forced to fight their way out of a crashing cruiser while trying not to be killed by the hundreds of clones on board. They barely make it out in time too. And the closing scene of the entire thing is Vader finding the wreckage a few years later.

Basic Character Analysis: Hunter

Hunter is an awesome clone. He doesn’t take crap from anyone and he seems the type to ignore stupid orders if he needs to. His enhanced abilities basically give him super reflexes which he uses with deadly precision in just about every way he can. He also seems to be always analyzing the battle field for anything that can give him or his team an advantage in a much more effective way than the other clones.

Random Fun Fact: Purge Troopers and The Bad Batch

Believe it or not The Bad Batch has something in common with The Purge Troopers. Both groups are considered a type of commando and they are also both clones.

MVP: Ahsoka

Ahsoka survived the Clone Wars. And she was in one of the worst situations she could’ve been it to do it too. He quick thinking and skills saved her and Rex.

Favorite Screen Shot

Maul vs Ahsoka

Clone Wars

I mean, it’s the final battle. I had to.


D-did I do it? I did! Anyway, this was a beast to finish. I loved doing this I hope everyone enjoyed this. If I get a chance to do another one of these it may just be The Mandolorian. No promises there though that’s kind of up to my boss. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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