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Hey, I have an idea. I’ll cover season 6 in one article.

Clone Wars

Why in the world did I think this was a good idea? Aside from having to cover all 13 episodes in one go, this article is gonna be long. Oh, whoops. Anyway, We have four arcs so let’s dig into the season.

New Faces NA

Clone Wars

Oh thank god. I was really worried that I’d have over ten new faces. There’s Julia but she’s only around for one arc and is a token damsel in distress so I won’t be covering her.


Season 6 Episodes 1 – 4

Clone Wars

Trench has his forces dug in and it’s up to Anakin and two Jedi twins to defeat him. As they push through with their troops one of the twins gets killed by a clone trooper causing the Republic forces to retreat. They quickly find out that the trooper is having problems that they can’t treat on the battlefield so the put him in a shuttle and ship him out. However Trench has taken an interest and has the shuttle intercepted and the trooper is captured. Anakin launches a rescue and gets him back and sends him to Kamino.

While on Kamino Fives uncovers a conspiracy. All clones have been implanted with some sort of organic chip. He also finds that the trooper in question went berserk because his chip was bad. Unfortunately, the affected clone ends up dead which makes Fives kind of look like he’s going crazy. With assurances that he will be heard Fives agrees to go see Palpatine. Fives arrives with the evidence in hand to show good ol Sheeve only to be accused of attacking him and being made an enemy of the state. Fives gets killed but not before he’s able to pass on the information to Rex.

Season 6 Episodes 5 – 7

Clone Wars

Clovis comes back but this time he’s trying to be a good guy. This time he’s called for help to uncover a conspiracy that has to do with the Banking Clan running out of money. So Padme makes a deal with the leadership that gets her inside the vault ber her assistant ends up dead and she gets arrested. Anakin arrives and the tension with Clovis is on the level one might expect given what happened last time. They have a fight with Embo but manage to escape with the evidence.

Back at the Senate things aren’t going as well as they could. Despite the evidence, the Banning Clan is still putting up a fight. Clovis’s background isn’t really helping things either. Anakin even fights him at one point for reasons. But things take a turn for the worst when Clovis accepts an offer from Dooku. Clovis will take over the Banking Clan but he’ll owe the Separatists in the future. And that favor will be called upon soon.

While Clovis is testing out his new office Dooku calls in the favor. The Republic must now pay more interest. Clovis at first refuses but Dooku makes it very clear that the Separatists have no intention of paying back their loans if he does. Not wanting the banks to go down Clovis submits to Dooku and raises the interest on the Republic. While the Republic cries foul the Separatists invade the planet stranding Padme. Clovis dies saving her and Palpatine gains control of the banks.

Season 6 Episodes 8 -9

Clone Wars

So Jar-Jar is summoned by Queen Julia to help her find out why her force sensitive elders are vanishing. Why she would thing Jar-Jar could do that is beyond me but she does seem to be in love with him. So maybe it’s an excuse to see him again? Mace comes along and I have to say the only reason I can tolerate this arc is because he and Jar-Jar play well off each other. Anyway Julia gets taken by an evil force sensitive cult that seems to worship Talzin. Mace and Jar-Jar stop the ritual and save Julia easily. I need to stop here and say one thing. I wish they would’ve shown off more of the force sensitive cults and orders than what they did.

Season 6 Episodes 10 -13

Clone Wars

This is probably one of the weirdest arcs in the entire show. It starts off with the story of Sifo-Dyas. You know one of the unexplained plot point of Attack of The Clones? Anakin and Obi-Wan follow the bread crumbs around the galaxy and eventually come to one conclusion Dooku was behind it and by proxy his master.

Meditating on the recent discoveries Yoda hears the familiar voice of Qui-Gon Jinn. Of course, Yoda believes he’s going crazy and the other Jedi seem to think the same but they try to help him make some sense of it regardless. He undergoes a ritual and is lead to Dagobah. After facing the cave he’s lead to find where all life began.

Yoda arrives on the planet as is greeted by Priestesses who put him through challenges all of which he passes, all but one. He’s then lead to Moraband known in antiquity as Korriban the home-world of the Sith. This alerts the present-day Sith to his presence and they start up a ritual to make things more challenging for Yoda. Yoda gets through it all and begins his training to become immortal having seen the fate of the Jedi.

Basic Character Analysis: Yoda Now

Yoda has changed a bit since his first appearance. And I believe this is as close to seeing him desperate that we’ll ever see. He knows the end of the Jedi is coming and he for once is powerless to stop it. It makes him a much more tragic character going into Empire Strikes Back. He tried everything in his power to stop Palpatine only to witness the fall of the order and to be forced into exile.

Random Fun Fact: Darth Bane

Darth Bane is perhaps the only Sith Lord of Legends that has seemingly survived mostly unchanged. Aside from his looks, almost everything else matches up to his original story. Now let’s hope Revan gets this kind of treatment.

MVP: Yoda

This is Yoda’s last attempt to save the Jedi and he does uncover the way to immortality.

Favorite Screen Shot

Embo vs Anakin

Clone Wars

I just love this fight.


And there you have it. Season six compressed down into a single article. God I hate myself. And I’ve got to do this for seven too. Welp, I better get on that. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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