Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Secrets and Betrayals

Ahsoka’s trial incoming. After the rest of this stuff.

Clone Wars

Here we are the final three articles. And things only ramp up from here, well at least until we reach the final season. But more about that once we reach it. For now we have a lot of things to cover.

New Faces


Clone Wars

The mad scientists behind D-Squad’s up grades.

Meebur Gascon

Clone Wars

The commander of D-Squad. He’s a unique alien who until recently has been a pencil pusher.


Clone Wars

The cook who’s taking advantage of a clone commando… I wouldn’t want to be him when the commando snaps out of it.


Clone Wars

A lost clone commando that survives the Clone Wars. He’s a lot more fun in Rebels.


Season 5 Episodes 10 – 13

Clone Wars

The Republic has formed a new secret task force to steal an Encryption module from the Separatists. This new task force is dubbed D-Squad and it’s formed of mostly droids including R2. After getting some upgrades D-Squad successfully infiltrates a Separatists ship and after some shenanigans manage to retrieve their target and escape.

Things don’t keep going good for D-Squad. They manage to crash on a desolate planet in the middle of nowhere and have to try and find some semblance of civilization. That proves not to be an easy task, as even the droids can’t use their scanners reliably. R2 eventually leads them to a settlement but it takes an entire episode to get there.

With D-Squad in town, they get some much-needed rest before finding out that the Separatists have a presence on this remote planet for some reason. Opting not to try and jack the captured Republic shuttle Meebur Gascon decides to recruit the help of a clone. Enter Gregor, an amnesiac clone commando. With a little push, he comes to his senses and helps D-Squad secure the Republic shuttle and escape the planet seemingly dying in the process.

D-squad then docks with a Republic cruiser and is about to celebrate their success but they notice something is off. The ship is empty and full of bombs. And it’s on a collision course to some kind of conferences where all the Republic military commanders will be. With the help of some droids that survived the takeover they manage to save the conference at the last secound.

Season 5 Episodes 14 – 16

Clone Wars

The Sith brothers get rescued by Death Watch… Oh no. Death Watch even spends some time fixing them up helping them recover from the wounds they received and after a brief talk, the brothers and Death Watch become allies. They then begin a galaxy-wide recruitment drive to collect as many criminal organizations together forming the Shadow Collective. With this new alliance of evil complete, they make plans to take Mandalore.

The Shadow Collective gets to work making the Duchess look powerless leaving Death Watch to come in and save the day. Maul makes a suggestion to Vizsla and gets betrayed for his trouble. Savage and Maul get thrown in Jail and use this opportunity to find a puppet to rule Mandalore for them. Almec fits the bill perfectly. Maul then challenges Vizsla to ritual combat and wins becoming the new ruler of Mandalore.

With the takeover of Mandalore complete decent strikes. A few of the Mandalorians lead by Bo-Katan free the Duchess and attempt to escape with her. This gets blocked by Maul’s men and the Duchess gets recaptured. Satine did manage to get a message out before that though and it makes it to Obi-Wan. He then goes in to save her alone. Unfortunately, he’s captured almost immediately and brought before Maul to witness Satine’s death. Bo-Katan rescues him right before Palpatine shows up to give Maul one more lesson. Palpatine kills Savage and owns Maul like he’s nothing effectively ending his rule over Mandalore, for now.

Season 5 Episodes 17 – 20

Clone Wars

Anakin and Ahsoka are called back from the front lines to investigate a bombing at the Jedi Temple. They are able to piece together that the person who set the bomb seemed to have knowledge of the inner working of the temple and eventually conclude that it was Jackar Bowmani a munitions expert that had done it. But upon investigating his home they find that his wife fed him explosive nano-droids. They arrest her on the spot but it’s likely she didn’t do this alone.

After attending a funeral for all the people who died during the bombing Ahsoka gets called by the bombers wife. The wife makes it clear that she wants to talk to Ahsoka alone so Ahsoka asks the guards to leave. And the wife gets force chocked to death and the only thing the clones watching the camera see is Ahsoka stretching out her arms as the prisoner floats in the air and dies. Ahsoka gets arrested for killing the woman and is then accused of being behind the bombing in the first place. Which Anakin thoroughly denies. Later Ahsoka gets help breaking out and she manages to get into the lower levels.

Okay, here’s where I might start to gripe. Most of the Jedi including people that know Ahsoka now think she might be guilty of the bombing even though she wasn’t on the planet when the whole thing went down. Also, Ahsoka assuming her master was trying to help by breaking her out was a stupid conclusion to come to given how she was just framed for a murder. And all her running did was create even more suspicion and make things worse when she was finally caught.

Before Ahsoka got caught though she ran into Ventress and got her to help with the investigation. Only for someone to knock her out take her sabers and attack Ahsoka with them. And even though they looked nothing alike Ahsoka claims it was Ventress. So Anakin hunts her down only to find that she has lost her sabers. And he is eventually lead to the real culprit Barriss Offee. With Ahsoka’s name clear the Jedi offer her a chance to return to the order and she refuses.

Basic Character Analysis: Meebur Gascon

Meebur comes across as a tough as nails commander at first. Once you get to know him you realise he’s a bit of a pushover with the dream of becoming a general. He’s got determination in spades though. Even when the mission goes off the beaten path he pushes forward. I wouldn’t be surprised if he survives the empire.

Random Fun Facts: Clone Commandos

The clone commandos first appeared in the 2015 game Republic Commandos. but they were first mentioned in Attack of The Clones. Also the armor that they wore is called Katarn-class Commando Armor. It was named after one of the most dangerous creatures on Kashyyyk. It’s also the last name of the protagonist of the Dark Forces series.

MVP: Ahsoka

Regardless of all the crap she went through she still had the high-ground.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

I just loved the entire fight. Palpatine is a good Sith lord.


And that was the last eleven episodes of season five. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this event as much as I have. We’ve got just two more of these so until next time, Keep It Classy.

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