Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | A Stirring in The Force

Jedi lore with a touch of revenge. What could be better?

Clone Wars

Ahsoka has been put in charge of younglings and David Tennant is a robot helping her. And then we get the destruction of Dathomir followed directly by Maul’s return. Things are about to get much darker.

New Faces


Clone Wars

Petro reminds me a lot of younger Anakin but with a tad more arrogance.


Clone Wars

She’s kinda cool. She has a noticeable fear of heights and has some trouble getting her saber together. It’s funny that Hondo encourages her to complete it.


Clone Wars

Byph seems scared of his own shadow when this starts and he gains bravery. I didn’t think Jedi allowed fear in younglings but it seems they do.


Clone Wars

She seems to be one of the more level headed younglings.


Clone Wars

Seems to be a tech expert and he trust tech a little to much.


Clone Wars

He’s a Wookie nuf said.


Clone Wars

A droid who’s sole purpose is to help in the construction of lightsabers. Also he’s David Tennant.


Clone Wars

The oldest Night Sister alive… Well she was.


Clone Wars

If you thought real snakes were disgusting check out this guy.


Season 5 Episodes 6 – 9

Clone Wars

Ahsoka is taking some younglings to Ilum for The Gathering. Its when younglings get their lightsaber crystals. They are greeted by Yoda when they arrive at the temple and are sent to retrieve their crystals. Each of them are tested by their crystals until the eventually all have one. Back on the ship they set up to craft their lightsabers but Hondo interrupts them. The younglings manage to fend him off but he capture Ahsoka.

With their ship still damaged from Hondo’s attack, the younglings decide to land the ship and rescue Ahsoka by themselves… So they set out to find the pirate stronghold and manage to get into a traveling circus that just so happens to be traveling to Hondo’s base to put on a show. And they somehow free Ahsoka. Of course, getting out of the base is another story. A chase ensues as the Pirates try to capture all of the young Jedi but that gets put on hold when Grievous arrives. Faced with a common enemy the Jedi and Pirates join forces. Together they manage to drive them off. And Hondo gets away with his crap again.

Season 4 Episodes 19 – 22 Season 5 Episode 1

Clone Wars

Ventress decides to return home at the worst possible time. Dooku has decided to get rid of the Night Sister for good. So he sends Grievous on a mission to massacre them all. And that’s exactly what he does, Grievous kills all of them except for Ventress, Merrin, and Talzin. Later we see Ventress starts down the path of becoming a bounty hunter and even joins up with Boba’s group for a mission. She ends up beating him at his own game and I won’t spoil that for those who haven’t seen it. It’s hilarious.

Savage enters the scene searching for his brother. He follows several clues all leading him to a junkyard planet where his brother lives in exile. And like any good brother, he drags his brother kicking and screaming back to his mother. And Talzin rebuilds Maul using battle droid parts and fixes his mind. So he’s not out of control anymore. With Savage at his side, Maul ambushes Kenobi and they take him captive if not for Ventress showing up they would’ve destroyed him for sure. Obi-Wan get’s some payback though. Not wanting to be ambushed again he brings someone with him this time. Adi Gallia acts as his back up and we already know how good she is. Unfortunately, she gets killed by Savage. But Obi-Wan and Hondo’s pirates manage to injure and drive of the sith brothers.

Basic Character Analysis: Maul

Maul is insane with rage when he’s first brought back. Even in his spider like form he’s driven by revenge. Of course that rage leads to him being defeated by Obi-Wan and Ventress but he does make it out of the ordeal with his life. He’s a lot like he was for the first prequel movie just more angry.

Random Fun Fact: Katooni

Hondo named one of his ships Katooni in memory of the Jedi youngling he grew found of.


I can’t figure out who the MVP is here. That’s likely a result of having so many episodes crammed into a single article though. Ahsoka would be good from the Gathering but it’s either Obi-Wan of Ventress fro the other story.

Favorite Screen Shot

Mauls revival

Clone Wars

I mean this whole thing is just chilling to watch.


Well those are my thoughts on these arcs. I’m still surprised they decided to bring Maul back even after all of these years. I’m okay with him being back though I can’t help but to wonder what could’ve happened with a new villain. Anyway, until next time, Keep it classy.

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