Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | Enter Saw Gerrera

So yeah. This one is the origin of Saw Gerrera. Get ready for a history lesson.

Clone Wars

Onderon comes in for this arc too. It’s a nice setting for this arc and it’s Lux’s homeworld. So, he’s here fighting for freedom alongside Saw and Steela. Also Onderon isn’t under siege by the Separatists it’s already taken over and the Republic had decided to be as uninvolved as they can. So the Jedi teach some rebels how to fight back.

New Faces

Saw Gerrera

Clone Wars

One of the higher ups in the rebels and not a bad fighter.

Steela Gerrera

Clone Wars

The leader of the rebels until her untimely demise.

Sanjay Rash

Clone Wars

This is the puppet king put in power to maintain control. He’s kind of an idiot.

Ramsis Dendup

Clone Wars

The true king of Onderon and he appears to be as wise as he is old.


Clone Wars

The general. He is loyal until it’s proven that his loyalty to the current king is a mistake.


Season 5 Episodes 2 – 5

Clone Wars

So the Onderon rebels call in the help of the Republic to free their planet. Anakin, Ahsoka, and Rex are sent to train the rebels in how to fight back instead of the direct help they where hoping for. During the training, the base gets attacked but the rebels are able to fight off the droids with little to no losses. Emboldened by their success the rebels start striking Separatists targets in the capital itself. Eventually, they hit a power generator and cause the droids to be less helpful. The Separatists call for the execution of the king and the rebels rescue him the help of General Tandin. With a full-scale revolt underway, The Separatists send in a new gunship to rid themselves of the rebel scum. They manage to kill Steela but it’s much too late for them to beat the rebels.

Basic Character Analysis: Saw Gerrera

Saw is very much a brash young fool. I’m not saying he’s bad here it’s just he wants to get things done and he doesn’t always think before he acts. That gets him in trouble even later on in his life.

Random Fun Fact: The Rebel Legacy

The Onderon rebels come to be called The Partisans during the time of The Empire.

MVP: Steela

I mean she gave her life for the cause and gets a memorial and everything.

Favorite Screen Shot

Clone Wars

Ending scene

I mean that was one heck of a way to end this thing. Shame Steela had to die though.


And those are my thoughts on this arc. It’s a good introduction to Saw although I would’ve loved to see him doing better than this later on in his life. Anyway, until next time, Keep It Classy.

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