Clone Wars

Summer of Star Wars | The Siege of Umbara

Ah, a four episode siege bring on the good stuff.

Clone Wars

This is one of my favorite arcs of this show. It’s a Siege which always means it’ll be a step above most of the other episodes and it’s on a super weird planet what more could you want?

New Face

Pong Krell

Clone Wars

The only one we need to focus in on for this entire arc. Master Krell is everything wrong with the Jedi order in a nutshell. And the Order allowed him to stay despite his dark side tendencies.


Season 4 Episode 7

Clone Wars

The battle for Umbara starts off right in the action for us. Anakin and his troopers are tasked with repelling enemy reinforcements from closing in on Kenobi’s group. But everything goes to crap when Anakin is forced to leave Krell in command of his troops. Krell constantly puts the clones in harms way losing more men than he should and marching them in the open with little to no cover. And surprise the enemies take advantage of the situation and force the clones to fall back.

Season 4 Episode 8

Clone Wars

The clones face more horrors as they get chased by centipede tanks. And to make matter worse Krell doesn’t do anything to help out. So his men are dying around him and he seems to be enjoying the whole thing. This is when Fives comes in. Fives and a few others lead the charge to an Umbaran airbase to steal some ships and they manage to save the day by destroying the tanks.

Season 4 Episode 9

Clone Wars

With the airbase now secure Krell and the clones get an SOS from Obi-Wan for help. Krell decides it’s a great time to charge the capital. The clones come up with an alternate way to help but Krell denies them the right to even try. So Fives and Jesse do it anyway ignoring Krell’s orders. They succeed but are placed under arrest despite their efforts being successful and are scheduled to be executed.

Season 4 Episode 10

Clone Wars

Rex tries to get Krell to stop the execution but he won’t listen. The clones save them anyway and it’s revealed the Krell has fallen to the dark side they take him down. They do lose a few clones in the process but taking down a guy that wields two duel bladed sabers is an accomplishment. Krell dies by the hand of one of the clones that stayed loyal too. Talk about poetic.

Basic Character Analysis: Pong Krell

Krell had become disillusioned by the Jedi Order. This caused him to fall to the dark side in order to be on the winning side. This implies that he at least figured out part of Palpatine’s plan for the war. We’re not given how he found this stuff out but he was convinced that the Jedi where doomed. And as we know he wasn’t wrong.

Random Fun Fact: Dex

Dex and Krell both hail from the Besalisk race.

MVP: Rex

Rex keeps to his guns even when a rouge Jedi threatens him. It takes a special kind of crazy to do that.

Favorite Screenshot

Clone Wars

Can you blame me? Krell was despicable and I hate him with a passion. Seeing him die onscreen felt great.


A lot happened in this arc and it was awesome. Until next time, Keep It Classy.

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